April 15, 2008

Thank You's

Mast and sail on the Star Of India, 2008. Photo: Copyright G.

Duck: His passing left a huge hole in our lives.

Me: Monday: First thing, apologized to Marie for my grumpiness.
Laundry, walk, tidy the house, and write here. Mend. After dinner by the bay, we finally made it to the grocery store.

G: Still Grumpy. We are both still reacting.

Marie: They took a bus from the new house to MJ’s day care, and she did very well for her second bus ride and third. Marie walked to school from day care. Managed to write an essay while unpacking.

An ex-roommate in the program was shot by a police officer. The son was hit also. Ex was full of drugs and over the legal limit on alchohol. How truly sad.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule.

Game Weather schedule. I work Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this much cooler week.
After something as big as Duck’s death, one is reduced to small things, small actions, to give a day any kind of memory.

I clunked myself in my chin with a fingernail while sleeping last night. This morning, I am left looking in the mirror at my gash and saying, “Gee.” Ditto my shin where the doc took off a skin cancer. Not healing. New spot on back of leg. I’ll make an appointment.

New sunscreen. It’s a 70.

Laundry got done. That’s a triumph. Carried upstairs and put away too.

I say thank you a lot these days. Thanks for having a doctor and insurance. Thank you for having a washing machine. Thank you that the old truck is still running….knock on wood. Thank you for friends…and you all are friends….for the cards and notes and caring.

I spent some time expanding yesterday’s entry into a small essay. I’m still whacking at that. I took in the shoulders and raised the armholes on an old batik dress. Wonderful colors. Very poor alterations…but it’s done and I can wear it on the trip if one doesn’t look too closely.

G is really looking forward to this cruise. I’m just hoping the weather holds up, the temperature holds cool, and the boat is steady. I worry so about his inner ear problems and motion. Our travel agent got us a cabin much higher than the last one, which gives me more to worry about.

We are both counting the days. Three days of work, five days off, five on then we are outta here for a week.

Small things.

The house is tidy.

G found me a new rolling backpack one inch smaller than the one I just wore out. Literally, I wore the sides off that very favorite and stabile rolling back pack sliding it on and out of an “I” beam for two years. I have to make this one work as the previous one won’t hold things in any longer.

The weather is cooler.

Thank you’s fill every corner. Practicing gratitude is much better than wallowing in grumpies.


  1. Lovely photograph. Yes, the small things. Like reading your post. Have a wonderful trip.

  2. Some of those small things sound big to me. Having a running washing machine... I bought my first washing machine late in life: laundromats for sheets and towels and jeans, the rest I washed by hand. A running car, I could imagine is a real essential in your neck of the woods. Friends, now that is the biggest of all. Take dear care of that skin of yours; you really do need it.

  3. A little break, the cruise, sounds very nice. You need a break, a get away.


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