April 25, 2008


Monarch of the Seas in Ensenada, 2007.

Duck: His obituary will run locally on Sunday with a condolence book. I will add a link when I find it.

Me: 9 innings and we lost again. We are at the bottom. Header: No not the one we will be on. That's a Princess ship framed between the Star of India and the HMS Surprise. There's a link to the Elation in this side bar at the bottom.

G: Doing a special project today; vacation tomorrow.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule.

Game Weather schedule.

Cruise:Mexican Riviera Cruise Reviews.
  • Packing: I’ll wander up to the cleaners this morning and get my batik dress. Looking at pictures of me, just me, on that last vacation, I note I had vowed never to wear sleeveless dresses again. Today I note all three long dresses I am bringing are sleeveless. No, I didn’t lift weights this winter break but I will. Yesterday, packed underwear. Today I pack bling and jewelry then work my way through the packing list.

  • Things I need to do before we leave: Empty the refrigerator. Take out the trash. Make a note about setting the timers on the lights. Tidy once through. Call the dentist today and leave a message……they are closed today. (More will be revealed as I get closer to leaving.)

  • Last things to do before we leave: Another list: Leave check for Maria. She will be here to clean the Wednesday we are in Cabo San Lucas.

  • Work: Talking with G about this being my last year. Yes, we need the money as we are totally fiscally irresponsible always covering our emergencies out of principal. No, I am not ok with the new longer hours and the attitude. I love the people and the job, but the downside is that I hurt somewhere physically all the time. The upside is if I can survive the pain, we travel and are bill free.

  • Upside: The sun is out. The weather is spectacular. I’m packing to go on a cruise. I’m planning a second trip this time to Comptche in Northern California to ride the Skunk Train and spend a few days with special friends D and Kay.


  1. The excitement is definitely building. Sure wish there was some way of you working and that hip of yours not. Sometimes it would just be nice if an easy solution came your way, wouldn't it?

  2. P.S. the route you found to leave a message is good. Hopefully, not one that is difficult.


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