April 17, 2008

Triumphs of Any Size

Lifeboat and crown, Monarch Of The Seas, 2007, Photo G..

Duck: The newspaper has changed it’s obits, and I guess they are now only once a week and a name with dates only. Cost cutting….not functional…..unless you want to pay $150 for a picture and 7 bucks a line for words.

Me: Dusted, worked, talked…losing voice again. I do like my job when I am not hurting.

G: Mr. Intoaction himself.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule.
Game Weather schedule. Tuesday: Cold; Wednesday: Warming; and Thursday: who knows.
While he was being Mr. Intoaction, I was being Mrs. Spacecase. Imagine, I discovered right outside the front door that I forgot my socks, and when I turned to go back and get them found I had forgotten my keys.

Mrs. Fun-B the clown, my college roomie that is now a clown at Petco Park, had her MRI show she is cancer free. She has a rare breast cancer that’s very fast moving. Chemo is done for now and has left her numb in her arms and legs just like Pete. Now surgery. They want to do a radical mastectomy including ten lymph nodes, and she is going for a lumpectomy. She’s going in to surgery with a surgery coach that will enforce her wishes unless the lymph nodes show a spread….then it’s a we will see matter.

Pete got off work and came to chat just as my boss stopped by with the latest rules and news from the morning meeting. No use of cell phones. Gee, work at work. They are enforcing this and taking pictures of the miscreants. I have permission to use my cell after my gate is closed to call G to pick me up. Then there were a few moments to talk with Pete before the hordes arrived. I’m so glad we connected.

Practical things too: Talked with G on the drive home. We didn’t mention the fact we are roundies again, but sex and money were mentioned. The car and assessment are paid for, and we will keep deducting the amounts we paid for the car and assessment to bring our emergency funds back up again to about ten grand.

We seem to do finances in a cyclical manner. We have lived on the margin for so many years that we have trouble thinking beyond the edge. Lazais faire finances obviously don’t work…….hippy thinking out and safety net in. Our safety net got zapped thoroly by the tires, condo assessment, and stove. About every four years we seem to get zapped, and this time we want to be ahead of the curve. Stop the cycle of boom, bust, and take from the principal.

We seem to do communication in a cyclical manner too. He communicated well yesterday. I looked up from my sunny table to see a glowing golden man in a striking turquoise shirt heading my way. He had black socks in his hand. I confess that I had trouble seeing beyond the beauty and kindness of the man to the worn black socks. Eventually, I slid them on during a gap in the horde.

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