April 22, 2008


Views on the Freeway:
Look at that. Does Ken Kesey and the bus “Further” live again. This bus is named “Garden.” 2008.

Duck: Winding down his affairs. Missing him. Emailing back and forth to the obit lady when I would rather be talking to her.

Me: Lumping along. Starting back to work tomorrow. Printed packing list. Hung clothes on door. Took some things to the cleaners. Ate Hamburger with knife and fork….that was a good one. Oh……how good it tasted.

G: 3 days left before vacation. Finished two big files this week and feeling good about everything.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule.

Game Weather schedule.

Cruise:Mexican Riviera Cruise Reviews.
Today I’m cleaning out the files literally as well as figuratively. I’m answering a question here, discarding a jpg or idea there. Maybe if I am lucky, mid-day I will gain two new front teeth. Imagine, I will be able to bite into something instead of cut it up with a knife and fork.

View from the freeway 2: Blackhawk Chopper.

  • Doc visit: I got to the doctor’s office and couldn’t remember her name. Very embarrassing. I looked pretty good tho for a morbidly obese woman with no memory and a dangerously high BP. She gave me permission to exercise, to walk, to get out there again but only if I stretch that hip before hand. Because of the nerve damage in my hip, she is getting a referral to an orthopedic doc, and we will find out what’s really happening in there. Then she burned off two warts on the bottom of my feet one so painful that it kept me awake part of the night. Walking will now be interesting.

  • Ba: Because of my simpleness, I am often that child who leaps off the stairs into a father’s arms. Thanks for that reference, Mama Blue. Now that Carrie found a link I could “see,” I can follow the dotted lines of the link between the end of the friendship and my lost feelings, I can put her away. I can let her go. I’ll probably take her back a few times, but I won’t wallow in this loss now. Thank you all for your caring notes.

  • Packing: I love lists. I mentioned packing to Bee yesterday, and she said, “Oh, I have my routines.” And she does. She can be packed and outta here in two seconds and never forgets a thing. That’s not me. I don’t want to end up in Lower Patagonia without my meds and with five rolls of Duct Tape. I haven’t traveled enough as an adult to have packing on automatic yet.

    The About.com: Packing list fits me to a T. Five days on the ocean do not lead me to pack duct tape and insulated mugs, but this list gives me a great idea of what I should take. One Bag offers a much simpler list, but I don’t travel to hand wash my underwear using their three pair suggestion. Oh, you would laugh to see my vast collection of clothes laid out for this trip. Oh, you would doubly laugh to see the small size of my rolling bag.

  • Small vacation things: The mail is on vacation, but the paper website refuses to accept my password. Like a stuck-in-the-mud old lady, I refuse to sign up again just to cancel my newspaper for a week. The neighbors know, the family knows, and the suitcases are airing. I can’t find the hanging bag tho. Oh, how delightful to be able to think about small things like this.

  • View 3: Heading north in the new HOV lane. You will never see a California freeway this empty again. 2008.

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