May 10, 2008

Bullpen Picture

Pitcher bullpen, Petco Park, 2008.

Gratitude: Sleeping well. FunB had a lumpectomy. 6 lymph nodes were removed, and everything was benign. Hurrah, hurrah. No follow-up chemo. Day game tomorrow. No time for an entry, but I will be home at a normal human daytime hour.

Useful: Started rounding up links to back up my plea to move on with the low water landscaping.

Better Fitness: Ate four cookies, but did tell the guy at work to stop giving me cookies. Now I hope he does. If you have high BP, don’t use any salt. I cook without it, but in the old days I had a daughter who would say at every meal, “You use too much salt, mother.” Sea salt is no different than regular salt. Salt is salt.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule.

Game Weather schedule.
Doubly tense at work. A bomb set off at the downtown courthouse has everyone on edge. Police everywhere. Strangers here and there…very official looking. Specialists checking for bombs here and there and again. Even the custodians are on top of things.

The fans don’t notice. Even tho we are still losing 30,000 plus bought ticket for last nights game with the Colorado Rockies. Not as many drunks as usual. A few injuries requiring me to hustle letting in small cart ambulances.

At home I am followed about by my three foot tall/long, found at the Cancer Society thrift store, giant rabbit. Everyone should have one of these even coupled with my dear G’s sense of humor. It’s always a surprise to look up and find a giant rabbit sharing life with you. He was moved upstairs from the living room. Last night he watched television with us. This morning I looked up to find him on my computer desk.

Life is never boring.


  1. Well where is he? The Rabbit that is.

  2. I'm glad you're enjoying your rabbit. I don't know how I keep getting behind reading my blogs, but I'm all caught up once again now! I think I have to give up writing one and concentrate on keeping up my reading instead. Back in a few! Happy blogging and good health, Mage!


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