May 9, 2008


Post card view from the flag plaza, Ensenada, 2008.

Gratitude: Feeling really well. Swelling is gone from my legs, and even my back is almost pain free. Nothing like a few weeks off to offer a temporary cure. Doc says come back 6 months tho. Talk with both kids this week, and the talk with the youngest free of bitterness and cynicism. Simply delightful.

Useful: It’s time to craft a letter to the condo board about converting to low water landscape. They’ve talked about this for years, but all that’s been done is a test garden. Useful to me, less playing on my computer and more work. I will feel better about myself. More quilting and less dropping unsewn bits to the floor.

Better Fitness: Ate really well. Feel really well. Reduced portion sizes. Low salt, low fat. Ah, progress.

Mea Culpa’s: I went to lunch with the Old Grey Poets Society and no one was there…..since it was the wrong day. I emailed my apologies, and I am hiding my head in baseball for three days.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule.
Game Weather schedule.
Changing small things around here, that’s what life is about right now. Less salt. Few fats…..oh, I mourn cheese. Cut down the Diet Coke from two to one. Cut down sugars. Cut out aspartame. No chocolate. Small walks….keep that leg swelling down. Doing exercises all day not just at one time.

Changing the email program too. Imagine, we found something so simple that it worked well, and we stuck with it even when it stopped working almost fifteen years later. Even when we spent a proportion of our time on line struggling with the old program, we stuck to it. You would think we had learned with other programs.

When we first started online, we used Netscape for our browser and our email program. Netscape was the darling of the web then. It was so simple to use, and even I could figure it out and remember it. We kept it even when we added Hotmail and Yahoo email addresses. We kept it as our email program when we switched to Internet Explorer, (IE), as our browser, when we gained high speed access and Web Mail. The internet and access kept evolving despite us.

The first Netscape email program was based on Qualcom’s popular Eudora. Still popular, may I add. As web access evolved, Netscape grew cranky. Even in it’s crankyness, it beat the heck out of Outlook Express. Toward the end, if I wanted to view a web page from my email as the page was designed, I would have to open it in Netscape then copy and paste the address into IE. What a lot of effort sometimes for nothing.

When G got Windows Vista, Netscape ground to a halt on his computer. Email I would see on my monitor, would be visible on his then vanish into thin air. Netscape was not compatible with Vista. I continued to grind along blindly while G went into hyper-search mode.

Nope. No more downloads for Eudora. He didn’t want to switch to another browser tho there were many better than the hodge-podge we now had. A week later he found Thunderbird. It looks and feels and acts like Eudora and Netscape, but it is compatible with Vista and XP. Amazing….it downloaded both address books without a burp. It opens links in IE. And we like it.

Next to change will be our Photoshop Elements. Guiltily I admit that we are using a pirated 5.0 copy via one of our sober friends. (Thank you anonymous friend.) It’s time to change while we still have the cash. We have learned it’s always best to buy the newest program even if we do not like some parts of it…..6.0 has a black background that’s hard for old, blind ladies to view. G just downloaded 6.0, and this weekend we will buy a copy and enter our authentication. I’m sure that 6.0 will have burps I will find hard to remember, but it will be good to have it ours.

Small changes, and we like them.

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