May 22, 2008

Compare and Contrast

G: It’s the end of the fiscal year where he works and so everything is slow and slower. He’s answering questions and fixing things.

Me: Forcing myself to use my tired tools.

Family: Eldest Marie did a her first three hour final and got an A.

Blogging Notes: Stop in and see Studio Ruthe stitcheries and images.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule. Beginning a 20 day homestand stretch.
Last night was endless.

I should make myself think positive about it all. All of us at the ballpark had trouble doing that last night. An endless night with the fifth inning arriving at the time we usually think of heading home made it even worse. One begins to melt into the chill winds off the bay.

Then our starting pitcher Chris Young’s nose was broken and face lacerated just moments before our catcher’s ankle was strained. Endlessly we waited our way to an 11 to 3 loss this bloody Wednesday. There’s nowhere to go but up now.

My days are structured around getting enough sleep, getting foods that work, and keeping my hip feeling good. Even our horrible baseball losses take second place to my self focus these days. I may be a failure as a team player, but I’m getting 8 hours of sleep, arriving at work clean and smiling, and taking only two Tylenol to get through the night.

One sad note. One favorite dog owner and friend Chas was forced to declare bankruptcy. We almost cried in each other’s arms last night as he told me that his place was cleaned and ready for the tenants, the dogs were ready to go, and that his Aunt was ready for him in Texas…..a refuge until he’s back on his feet.

I did arrive at work sans doggie bones yesterday. Oh guilt. I was saved by the functionality of the VIP gate GSR, Dianne….she never forgets her dog bones and sent me a bag.

Several of the GSR’s called me Cutie yesterday. My smile must feel like the real thing, and it is thanks to coworkers like Dianne with her bones and money-men who get me papers to sign next day in the mail.

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  1. Sorry to hear about Chas' difficulties. It is devastating really at any age to have to face starting over again. May he manage with the help of his mother and friends.


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