May 7, 2008

A Day To Cherish

Oh, another ship picture. I hope you don’t mind. This one off the Elation’s stern at sea. 2008.

Gratitude: The grey skies quiet the world. To be able to pay my own bills by my own work.

Useful: Borrowing this from Arbi, thank you Arbi. Listening. Trying to understand.

Better Fitness: Walking. Even if I hurt, I walk. Taking action on my own behalf even if I don’t want to. Getting my phalanx of doctor’s to help me work through the season.

In my thoughts: Always Duck. My kids and their kids….the youngest two not doing too well. FunB and the results of her lumpectomy/mastectomy. Always G.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule.
Game Weather schedule.
A quiet day with no fuss or muss is a gift from the gods. I grabbed it and ran with it yesterday.

Oh, I did all the usual stuff too. I cleaned a surface, then read a chapter in the new Nevada Barr mystery, I washed the dishes, then read another chapter. Slowly the house began to look as if we had not been on a trip. My soul relaxed.

He had left early to start work on a new project and discovered that the worker bees had almost finished it while we were gone. Five positions were eliminated while we were floating along. His wasn’t one of them. He thinks he is of good value to them….and in good odor. So he plugs happily along.

Thinking he would be home late, I put off starting the cheese enchilada casserole, to sort yet another clogged surface. Talking to myself happily, I turned to see my dear G climbing the stairs bearing a basket of clean laundry…home early. I rinsed the dust of ages off me before we stopped by the bank to return the passports and the post office where he bought forever stamps….the price goes up again on the 12th, then to dinner by the bay.

I cherish days like this. My world used to be crowded with them. The silence of freedom. Time off to play. Time to breathe. I was blessed to have madness mid life that gave me space. Now in my late sixties I visit doctor’s and go to work. Most days, I am able to laugh at myself. Today the orthopedic guy….a new one. Did I mention I hate to visit new doctor’s single handedly since I usually don’t understand what they say. Tomorrow the leg man for the yearly checkup. I like him. Next week, the regular doc and more wart stuff, more rash stuff, and it’s that time of year for the mammogram. I like her too.

Ah, reality intrudes before another kind of madness begins. Only three days of work this week, none next week, but seven straight days upcoming. And again the same thing next week. I obviously need to stay in the now or focus on the fact that this one paycheck will pay off the Visa.

Not anticipating will keep me in the moment with days I cherish.


  1. Sounds like a lovely day. Welcome home.

  2. Glad to have you back. Hope your wonderful feeling of contentment carries you through those long days of work.

  3. What they said -- welcome home! I missed you lots. Huggles on you, my friends.


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