May 21, 2008


Leaf centered quilt block, 2008.

G: Did the financials on the money man’s figures. He’s happy. Budget he says.

Images: Sending blog URL to several at work.

Me: Wrote the money man and talked with the money man on the phone yesterday. Taking action in my own behalf. Retirement was freedom the first time around. Just thinking retirement is freedom the second time too.

Hilton News: A gas explosion in a mechanical room. Three men are in induced comas to lessen the pain. Latest news, slide show and video.

Blogging Notes: John At “Old Grey Poet” seems to feel he is wearing out.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule. Beginning a 20 day homestand stretch.
”No more people pleasing,” says my dear G.

And I admit that both of us are prone to people please. No more new Tommy Bahama things for birthdays or anniversaries. No more diamonds for special occasions. No more Macy’s, tho I won’t miss the prices. We have already made changes in spending and lifestyles, and other small cuts elsewhere will help us both balance our budget. Budget G says. Oh yes, the longer I work the better, but I can retire again my money man says.

Freedom indeed. Imagine.

Even if we save almost 500 a month to travel and put away another bit to pad a generous safety cushion, we still have room to live comfortably bill free. Just the thought relieves an unimaginable stress hovering over my head after all those hours standing. I went to work yesterday feeling freed.

I stood and talked. “Platica,” the housekeepers say is the Spanish word for talk. My limbs felt loose. I moved slower. I didn’t feel compelled to leap up and answer questions if I was sitting. I sat more while platica-ing. I ate chocolate and chocolate that got me a whack from my boss and nausea……which gives me the freedom to not eat chocolate today. Silly me.

I didn’t think.

Amazing thing that. I told my bosses that I was wearing out, again. I told two people I care for that retirement was in the works pending both my enthusiasm and the report from the MRI. Pain pills are not a way of life. Neither is thinking, actually.



  1. Here's to freedom, my friend! More time for laughing and loving and being healthy. Yes you can.

  2. Mage,
    Just caught up with you again. The quilt blocks are beautiful. I love red, but know how difficult it is to use multiple shades.

    Standing is terrible for you, much harder than walking. I'm learning that the hard way. The museum shuffle, as I call it, is horrible, but museums are my addiction. I hate to give them up. Enjoy the freedom, grasp it soon. You'll feel much better.

  3. I see a real positive note here today. It's all about one word, C O N T R O L. That sounds like the direction you're heading, and that's what works best for us, isn't it? Whatever we have to do to regain it.

  4. Thank you dear friends. Your supportive words leave me smiling. My CPA just told me I sounded awful, so you know it isn't just my hip that's damaged.


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