May 23, 2008

Frio (Cold)

A piece of mirrored skirt in a red block, 2008.

G: Spent the day fixing errors. Signed papers. Mailed papers. Picked up bread and watches…only three of the five still will work. Picked me up from work. He’s my hero. G’s coming to the game tonight. He, the weather toughie, says he too will wear silkies under his leathers.

Me: I’m going to work as long as I physically can. There’s still the last CC to pay off and the reserve to built up. When this is done, even if the bottom falls out of the market again, I’ll retire. At least my stomach felt good yesterday.

Blogging Notes: For those who would like to see New York from a different perspective, try Tugster. He sees his city from a watery view point.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule. Beginning a 20 day homestand stretch.
Not only was it cold when I got to work yesterday, the skies had the effrontery to sprinkle.

North of us it rained. More than rained, actually. Deluged. There was a tornado that knocked a whole row of boxcars off their wheels, there were scores of accidents on freeways, and the world turned into a watery horror for hours. In Orange County just north of us, it hailed so hard the ground looked like it was snow covered and kids made hail angels.

The weather mavens say this joyous state will repeat today.

Southern California drivers can’t drive in the rain. So as oil rises to the surface of the freeways, all traffic will grind to a sliding halt into each other, over cliffs, up berms, while being pelted by hail and snow above 6,000 feet. Baseball fan aren’t fond of freezing at their ball parks either. They may have tickets in their hands, but only the die hard devotees will stick around to the ninth inning. The rest go home to watch it on TV.

It’s May. Spring. Light sprinkles and tulips. Fog along the coastline. Not this year.

I’m armed with layers. Pressure stockings, silkies maybe two layers of silkies, World’s Softest Socks in heavy padded shoes, and thick pants; on top I’ll wear a heavy turtleneck today with silkies, red shirt, polartec, and uniform jacket. At least the coat is two layers this year. Gloves and muffler too. The plastic rain poncho really helps keep me warm especially during a short game that we’ve won dramatically. Like last night.

We all look like nice, toasty warm, stuffed sausages smiling out into the dark.

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  1. Had a laugh about the fact that you guys can't drive in the rain. What would happen if you guys saw sleet and snow? Coming from Canada, I'm amazed that the northern German roads go lame at what we'd call a dusting. Rain we can do. Snow not.


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