May 15, 2008



  1. Hi Mage,

    I had to turn off Gravedigger because it was too spooky....I am a devout coward.

    The show about the SS United States was on PBS last night and it was very well done.

    I hope the powers that be at your local PBS station change their minds and show it because I think you would enjoy it.

    I recorded it for my Grandson and would be happy to send you the tape after he has seen it. It's on
    VHS. I don't have a DVD recorder.

  2. I hope they change their minds too. I believe they will eventually sign it up. If they don't, I will buy the CD. It will be worth it.

    We have VHS, DVD, and now we have to buy Blue Ray as DVD's are out moded. All I could do was shake my head when I discovered that.

    I have a little shrine to the SSUS in my bathroom There's a postcard and a few other bits near the tub. I often look at the card and the design and wish someone would save her.

  3. Mage,

    One time Roy and I went into a restaurant in Nags Head, N.C. and when we sat down at the bar we couldn't believe our eyes.

    The owner of this place had bought the bar and all the bar stools from the SS United States.It was the real thing. He had all sorts of interesting memorabilia from the ship, but the actual bar was the best!

    What a conversation starter. Everybody had a story to tell about the ship. One guy had actually sailed on the United States and told us he had had a drink at that very bar in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.....

  4. Hi Nancy, Gosh, I wonder if it is still there and still open. I'd love to see it. Do you remember the name?

  5. Dear Mage,

    I will try to get a friend of mine who lives in Kitty Hawk, N.C. to tell me the name of the restaurant.

    I told Roy I had mentioned the bar to you and he remembered that the bar stools were autographed by many celebrities like Grace kelly, Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe.

    What a great time we had in that place!

  6. Mage and George,

    I have been told that the restaurant is called the Windmill Point Restaurant, Nags Head,NC.

    They have a web site you can go to that talks about the SS United States Lounge.


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