May 17, 2008

Hot Stuff

California hills, 2007.

There’s a burp in the weather. Instead of cool temperatures and delightfuly low fogs, we are beyond warm at the beach, flat out hot inland, and roasting out in the desert.

We are trying to keep all of us cool today…….all includes my computer. The chip is overheating, Pentium D’s do that, and the fan G bought says it will fit but doesn’t. We will head inland into the sere brown hills to Frye’s and find another fan that will keep the chip cool yet will match the existing holes.

While G computerizes, I’ll be hiding in the shady bedroom working on a bright red quilt. Reds on reds with reds are not exactly the coolest colors I can think about to work with as the temperature climbs. My temperature climbs also as I make error after error. Last time I couldn’t figure out what I’d done to create the disaster; this time I can.

Progress no matter the color. It's hot stuff......lemme tell you.


  1. "......hills like white elephants...." Thanks to Hemingway for this memorable comparison!

  2. One other thing: Hubby adores Fryes! It's his most favorite store in the world. We both wish we had one near us, but we don't!

  3. Yes, it is sure hard to window shop at Frey's if you can't get to one. It's G's favorite store too.


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