May 26, 2008

Of Baseball and Birthdays

Someone loves this man or woman very much. Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery, 2008.

  • I trained a new and nervous young thing to do my job, and dragged in the next day to turn in a sheet listing dates that I could come to a game. I won two tickets from the team for being a good me. Then I went to a game on my day off….a busman’s holiday. We sat up in the 310’s tho I was offered seats in 101. That was a kind offer but didn’t seem fair.

  • Sunday’s game turned out to last 18 innings. G and I watched the last four at home. Our team won.

  • At the moment, the totally maddening rash that had been bedeviling me for over a year is gone. Maybe a year and a half in time, and tube after tube of goo. I switched pressure stockings, and it appears I am allergic to latex. Why couldn’t one of these learned doctor’s figure this out?

  • We stopped to visit G’s mom and dad. I took a picture or two and mailed one to his brother. Later, after photographing an acre of flags, G caught me tidying up Dale’s grave.

  • It was almost ten when we looked in the appointment book. I was to present a token to Mari for 30 years of sobriety. What a rush....we had almost forgotten…and off we went. We took her to a quick lunch, she brought her light walker, and we made it to the meeting on time. Only after the meeting, or was that before, did G mention to Mari that yesterday had been my 24th birthday. I’d forgotten in my tiredness.


  1. Yesterday was your birthday? Seriously! Happy birthday, belatedly. Hope the day was a good one; at least the rash mystery is solved! Like you, I just wanta know!

  2. A busy time. Congrats on 24 years.

  3. Thanks both of you. Yes, knowing is a really good thing whether a rash or a hip. :)


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