May 27, 2008


The day after, 2004.

Bottom line, the orthopedic guy said the word retirement several times and reinforced that by reiterating the words “no standing.” That 22 inning game was really the last straw for my right hip.

TMI: There’s liquid in the hip, arthritis, and the beginnings of two cysts. My spine is grand, the other hip is just fine, thank you mam, but the right hip is tired. The tendon/groin involvement is normal with arthritis. Stretch and exercise, and retire….so I got a note that says don’t stand at work. Take the note with me to work and fax it to HR also.

Let’s see if they will give me another job. A sit down job.

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  1. Oh gee. 22 innings is a long time. I hope you start feeling better. Can they do anything for the hip?


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