May 18, 2008

Si! Muy Caliente!

One of those before and after moments. 2008.

Why, in almost ninety degree heat did I take to moving furniture around yesterday? I know. It’s a rhetorical question. I couldn’t stand the crowded bedroom, and the heat seemed to make it even smaller.

We live in a tiny condo. After dear G had made me a wonderful rolling sewing table, and increased the size of the computer desks then banished the big, brown bookcase to the downstairs hall. We found ourselves with one homeless dresser wandering loose among the computers.

Rather than take it to the garage, I put it in front of the bedroom bookcase. It shrank the room. Even moving the little wicker table out left the room feeling compressed. I have hated it.

So yesterday, first we made another run to Frye’s for a fan to cool my processor chip, then at home while he was taking things apart and cursing, I started taking the old dresser downstairs. I’d sew a quilt block, take a drawer down, console G, sew another block, and take a drawer down.

After final round of expletives, he took pictures of my Gateway innards, and departed a third time, off into the heat, to Frye’s. I gratefully put the bedroom back into order. By the time he returned with the bad news, I had two more blocks cut and sewn correctly….which didn’t match the four wrong size blocks.

Rule number one: don’t take up quilting if you cannot measure. Don’t expect instant success if you do….or find a way to adapt what you have sewn. And laugh.

Rule number two: Five year old computers may be proprietary and cooling fans may have to be custom made to fit. Dear G spent most of his afternoon reinventing the cooling system on my proprietary computer. G found a way that one fan could adapt. I now have three fans in my computer.

Dinner with Carrie was more than delightful. What a special woman. I learn from her every time we meet. After dinner when she drove home to her delightfully quiet home, I went to Ross and bought a pair of Fat-Lady, elasticized shorts for these muy caliente days.


  1. Having tried my own pieced quilting blocks, I can attest to Rule #1! But I'm absolutely loving the squares shown so far.

  2. Mage,

    It wasn't long ago you were telling us it was muy frio!

    I love the quilt. Very sassy!

  3. Your a stickler for torture. Don't you know one of the first rules of hot weather is go slow and don't ruffle the furniture?

  4. Oh yes much too hot! The temperature is supposed to drop to 70 by Friday, what is with this weather? I like the room now, it looks more open and still cozy.


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