May 14, 2008


Like a colt, 2008.

Gratitude: That I have G in my life. That Lenora is being so open and talking to me. That Marie is almost done with her finals.

Useful: Changing the Orthopedic appointment from the end of June to sometime on a working day this month. I need to know. I’ll make it somehow.

Better Fitness: Not taking Aleve.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule.

Game Weather schedule.
Mohave flits. She’s like a colt in that she bolts here and skitters there. Special Education may have her reading and writing at the college level, but she’s socialized like a tall, thin, wild animal.

G and I ate by the bay and held hands over our Crème Brule’s. They were a trifle undercooked, but who cared. We discussed our parents and their anniversaries. Eating to celebrate. Soup, salad, steak, baked potatoes, desert…martinis before and martoonies afterwards. Perhaps scotch in the later years. Maybe a B&B out to sea. We don’t have to live like that any more. A slice of bread and salad did us just fine, thank you.

We found the burp in our system…he reads the online appointment book, and I operate out of the paper Day Timer. Neither of us look at the month’s special happenings where everything is listed. We agreed that we need to change all our thinking about this.

We joined Lenora and Mohave for an hour or so of watching her skitter here and there, hit her friend, hide under tables, and hide from us. I remember feeling like that when I was a kid. We invited her to come up the hill and go through our Sci-Fi library then we went home to consolidate all three sections of the appointment books.

Not into one, mind you, but into two with every single item listed in both. He’s in charge of Birthdays now. He forgets more than I do……so I gave him the job. I need to look……every day.

We will meet in the middle. We always do.


  1. If this shows up then I certainly managed to leave a comment, Mage!

    Have to say, though that I hate those squishy letter verification things... :-(

  2. Hello Mage,

    There is going to be a documentary on PBS this month about the SS United States. It is still rusting away in the Port of Philadelphia.

    Check your listings if you are interested in the story of this ship. It is now owned by Norwegian Lines.

    Should be interesting to find out what plans have been made for this once great ship.

  3. It's not showing on KPBS, darn it. but I am following the whole thing closely. Thanks. There are some wonderful web sites on her too. Thanks Nancy.


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