May 28, 2008


With Red Ruff and Blue Mews a Sunday in April, 2008.

Me: Emotional.

G: Took me out for a Thai dinner to hold my hand. What a dear. Today he’s at work sending email reminding me not to take anything seriously.

Work: Waiting for a call.
I gave the note to the boss. He told me there were only three seated jobs, and two were for men at the locker room doors. All three were taken.

I knew that.

I suggested that bottom-of-the-ramp-Kay might want my job. They nodded and asked me if I would go open my gate, and work until around 4:30 pm. They would confer with the account representative and get back to me.

I saw that coming.

I opened my gate and told as many GSR’s, security, and friends what was happening, that I might be somewhere else while knowing I might be nowhere. I smiled, I talked with Kay….who did want my job and I hers, and kept smiling. They had offered Kay a roving job outside going gate to gate not my job. She refused it. I don’t blame her. I told as many of my doggy friends as possible that I might be moved, and I smiled.

They brought me someone to train. I trained them.

At around six, a big boss came to wait near my gate, and after my young man was trained, I approached him one more time with the idea that Kay and I might switch. He again said that the matter had been taken to the company owner, they were taking it to Guest Services, and they would phone me today or the day after. He suggested I could give him my radio and Supervisor report now, they would pay me for four hours, and I could leave now from my gate. He would sign me out.

It did save me from crying all the way across the stadium. It didn’t save me from sniveling on Cee’s shoulders at her gate. I was very grateful for her shoulder. I felt very naked standing on a street corner in full uniform waiting for G to come pick me up.


  1. Hun, things will work out someway. They always do. I am sending you good thoughts and cyber hugs.

  2. The Americans with Disabilities Act require employers to make reasonable accommodation for people.
    This is one area where you do have some job protection in California.
    I expect the owners are aware of the law. You need to let them know that you are asking for a reasonable accommodation so you can continue to work.
    I hope the owners do the right thing.

  3. Dear Mage,

    I think Aenodia is giving you very good advice.

    I know California is always in the forefront of civil rights issues if that's what this is.

    You should let them know your problem just as she is telling you.

    You looked out for Duck and all of his problems for so long, Mage, and now it is time to look out for yourself.

    You deserve it.

  4. Gosh, you would think it would be easy; you told them about the problem, you gave them a reasonable solution, all they have to do is nod their heads. How hard can that be? I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  5. So sorry about this time of loss and change for you, Mage.

  6. I'm with aenodia and nancy. And your teammate who was willing and ready to swap jobs. I'll never understand corporate America.


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