May 24, 2008


Uninspired dark red background, 2008.

G: Came home, dressed warm, went to the game.

Me: Woke up, dressed warm, went to game.

Blogging Notes: For those who would like to see New York from a different perspective, try Tugster. He sees his city from a watery view point.

Work: Padre’s 2008 Schedule. Beginning a 20 day homestand stretch.
It was sprinkling a bit when I arrived at work. My tables and chairs stayed tucked behind the I-beams of the ramp, and I decked myself in plastic poncho and smiles.

As the day moved on, the rain came and went. Gloves grew soaked, anything not covered by my plastic poncho dripped water, but my feet stayed warm. Late in the very losing game I was given a break to sit at last hidden down the tunnel into the underground.

Yes, it was a joy to come home into the warmth and tuck in under the new-used quilt. Yes, it was even more of a joy to sleep almost nine hours before heading out first to a garage sale, next to the drug store, and lastly back to work this day with an umbrella in hand.

Imagine the comfort of that.


  1. I can literally hear you sigh in satisfaction.

  2. Small comforts loom large. As they should. Thanks for the reminder.


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