June 10, 2008

Add Fabric

Images of the House Quilt again. I finished the blocks for the Red Quilt yesterday.

Me: I did organize under the kitchen sink. Yes, I did. A moment to kvetch with apologies, but my hip hurt badly for the second day in a row.

G: Mapped stuff at work. Costco. We found all his favorite cough drops too.
Retirement does mean changes. Food changes first as something was making me nauseas all the time. Measured amounts of cereal with rice milk now in the mornings, half a sandwich for lunch, and something light for dinner. All the M&M’s after dinner, the pie, the leftover this and that after dinner as doing us in. Yes, I cleaned out the freezer yesterday and found pies, Cool Whip, and sundry other addictive substances.

Mrs. Roundy finds pants tight, and Mr. Roundy’s pants have begun to shrink in all directions dramatically.

Then again, I cut out the Tylenol and my digestive system was happy again. So I finished the red stars, and today I will begin to make all the blocks so they finish at 12 inches. Right now six of the nine stars are too small. I would suggest if one cannot add or subtract, quilting is not a hobby for them. Then again, who am I to discourage anyone from anything.

You can always add fabric.


  1. What a beautiful piece of art! Is it a gift for a friend, or a keeper?

  2. Oh no. I would not hate your house, I am in awe of those who live there!

  3. A pretty quilt. I admire those who can do it. I have fond childhood of Grandma's days at the ladies quilting at the Carr House.

  4. It's beautiful. I wish I was finishing my quilt too! Maybe in the winter. You keep inspiring me.


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