June 30, 2008

Cookie Crumbles

Sculpture at the Viejas reservation stores, 2008.

  • Please let me know if you don't see pictures. If you see red boxes, I need to know this. Thank you.

  • After sleeping nine hours Saturday night, napping for two hours Sunday morning, napping three hours in the afternoon, then sleeping eight hours Sunday night, I think I might live today. I’m still coughing, I’m still blowing my nose, but my head isn’t totally empty this morning. This is progress. G kept me fed and let me snore. He is my hero.

  • The car and truck are finally washed. The Vietnam Veterans of San Diego, (VVSD), where we have had our vee-hickles washed since they were born, has gone into an accelerated construction mode. No more VVSD car wash. We discovered that CRASH, a Christian focused recovery home, now has a car wash over on the other side of the Point every Saturday. They don’t vaccum the inside of the cars or do a wax job, but once again our transportation is clean. I’m pleased that our money going to help someone’s in recovery.

  • G went to the ball game yesterday, and of course the Padres lost. They have begun selling off players today. Security positions have been eliminated or hours cut, Guest Service Representatives hours are cut as well as jobs. Ditto on the food and vendor side. A melt down continues. G sold our tickets for the July 13th game to the folks who sit next to him. Instead of going to the ball game, we are going up to see Marie get her 4 year token. This is really good stuff. She asked me to give her the token, so I do need to go get one. Where I do not know now that the owner of the Serenity Shop has died. I have thirteen days to figure something out.

  • Reading: Couldn’t concentrate yesterday, but today reading the last Craig.


  1. Glad you are feeling a bit better. Its so nice to have someone take care of you!

  2. Today, the photo is there, but in the last weeks this has rarely been the case. I will mention if I see any more red boxes. Glad to hear you are feeling somewhat better.

  3. The only non profit car washes you see around here pop up in parking lots so you never know when or where. With our drought they are fewer and fewer as well.

    Keep mending.


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