June 23, 2008


Beth’s Graduation. Dad, mom, Beth, brother Aaron, a fragile grandma, and Aunt. June, 2008.

I worked on and off yesterday on an album of Beth’s graduation pictures for Ellie, Beth’s mom. Some of them came out really well. Ellie’s mom is fragile now, connected to oxygen, “Not going to get better,” she reports, and much loved. Aaron was asleep on his feet as he works nights. They allowed daughter Marie to come, and she brought Beth’s sister MJ. We had aunts, nephews, nieces, daughters, granddaughters, and great grandsons. Family.

Pictures were had by all.

And swim suits. None at Costco, but I found one at Big5 at full price and another for nine at Ross. Bless Ross. We came home to a wall of fog just sitting off the coast letting little tendrils creep inland to cool us off and a fan to blow the cool over us.

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  1. Wonderful pictures, thank you for sharing. BTW I think you look great! Glad you fond a suit:)


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