June 27, 2008

A Graduation

Nathan and Megan at Disneyland, 2004.

G: Dressed up for this Friday.

G’ette: Ditto. Treating this whatever it is very aggressively with every nostrum known to womankind.
Another graduation today. Nathan, the brother of Alex, Megan, Courteny, and Vinnie, is graduating today from a school that works with his group home. You see, this special kid was born with a few problems. We don’t know his genetic makeup, but life certainly handed him a bowl of prunes instead of cherries.

We don’t see him as often as we did when he was tiny as his anger is lessened with fewer confusions.

“It will be a quick graduation,” his mom said the other day.

“Are you sure we are wanted?” I asked.

“Did you get an invitation?” She laughed.

We did, and we will be there.

>Nathan, his mom Ellen, and G’ma Maggie at Mountain Empire HS, 2005.

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