June 28, 2008

A Hal Kind Of Day

Hal with his certificate of completion, 2008.

G: Took ¾ the day off. Played on his computer. Bought second day of tickets to Comic-Con. Nephew is having his newest animated film shown at Comic-Con, and we hope he will be coming to take part if the fuss. Beth hopes to be there Sunday. I’ll post more when I get permission.

G’ette: I’m here. Graduation. Put pictures online for his mom, and sent Fun-B images for her new website. Went to ball game. Saw friends, lost another game, woke coughing, darn it.
I’m very glad we went to the graduation. Many of us were there. His dad, Guy, actually took the day off, G took ¾ of the day off, and there were two gramma’s and one grandpa as well as one sister there to cheer him on. What more can you want.

There were four graduates who got completion certificates. Each one had a teacher or friend say good things about the graduate. All but Hal will be continuing on to another level of education. No one explained to his mom or us what he would be doing now, but they all stressed his willingness to do hard work and his sense of humor.

I do know they have him on a new medication. Perhaps it takes a while to begin working. He’s not asleep on his feet, but he still reacts like an angry seven year old boy when faced with anything that is new or different, any change. The night before last he was ranting and saying he wasn’t going to go to graduation. Yesterday he wasn’t going to wear a gown…no KKK for him. We reminded him the gown wasn’t white.

We watched his teachers from his group home deal with him smoothly, firmly, and saw him respond, even make jokes later in the morning. We were very proud of him for being able to get this far in life, and we only wished we knew what was next. We have to believe that this young man, who started out life with two giant strikes against him, will find a way through it all with help.

Left: Aunt, Gramma, Hal, and sister. Right: Dad, Mom, Hal, and sister Beth. 2008.


  1. Mage, I am not seeing pictures just a square red box. Did you change your photo storage? I use Flickr. aenodia

  2. Pictures are fine. Lovely story about Hal's accomplishments. May i ask what were the strikes against him? Physical, emotional?


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