June 8, 2008

An Introduction

Susannah on the slopes, February 2007.

Me: Loved Indiana Jones. Delightful fluff. One more week of quiet before shot Friday, follow up appointment on Monday. We hope it helps. I’m becoming a fat appallingly out of shape gramma in just a few short weeks.

G: Had a great day.

Grandchildren: There are a total of 14 grandchildren in five wonderful families. Mohave lives with her mom and dad in Ocean Beach, but she has a brother and sister who live in La Jolla near the beach, Dan and Margie. Millicent lives with her mom up north, but her sister Beth and brother Aaron were adopted into a family that blessed us with one other granddaughter, Cee, and two more grandsons, Matt and John. Their sister Susanna lives with her dad’s in Spain. Their sister Cat was adopted into a family that doesn’t approve of us. We regret this so very much. She has three brothers, Mark, Luke, and John.
I’m blessed with some truly wonderful grandchildren. Over the years you have suffered through innumerable pictures of some of them so very gracefully. I did not have permission to post photos of one of the granddaughters until yesterday. Now I have permission and can post pictures of Susannah when they arrive. She just had her fifth birthday.

Here she is as part of an invitation for a puppet show on her fifth birthday, 2008.

Just out of the water in Greece toweling dry 2006, and in Mexico at two.

Her sister, Beth, is always on me about living with my nose in the camera. How else will I remember, I ask her. I don’t remind her that her other grandmother lives with grandchildren pictures posted on every wall. I understand this trend all too well. Life is so fleeting, and these kids are so very special.

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  1. Also very pretty. Even though looks shouldn't matter.


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