June 20, 2008


Attacking the Photohost, Georgette never wavers in her dedication.

Him: His department is ahead of time and under budget. The other departments aren’t.

Her: No more sugar substitutes. No more diet coke…..oh, I miss my diet coke. No more sugar free fiber for my IBS. I can feel the weight gathering in the shadows. The again, I’m feeling better every day.
For those of you who catch this entry, one back from the poem, I’m here transferring/saving/organizing images from Snapfish to my hard drive, to my backup hard drive, and to Photobucket…which I despise.

Oh, there are things about Photobucket that work better than Snapfish, but in the main it drives me bonkers. The flashing lights, advertising bells, and colorful whistles so distract me that I cannot think, cannot focus, and cannot catch on to their over active, ADD leaning, program. Since I can’t think anyway, this creates a small problem.

Undeterred, I uploaded an ActiveX thing from Sun to my aging and marginal computer just so I could get the Photobucket program to work. I’ve learned in the past that this isn’t always a wise thing to do, but I did it anyway. Sometimes modern thingies collapse ancient artifacts like my much appreciated Gateway. And too, I now had to confess to G that I added this bit. He didn’t cringe, and for that I was grateful.

Since I haven’t figured out how to create albums that hold albums yet, I’m only creating broad spectrum folders. Nothing like “Maria’s third cousin’s baptism on August 13rd 1902.” Instead, I have things like “Bay and Beach.” Boy, that covers all but breakfast. I do have a nice, new Open Diary front page image tho. A welcome to my house sort of image. There's no where to post something like that here.

Last night, I deleted albums and folders until Snapfish stopped me deleting. In all my old entries, you will find silence instead of color. I apologize. Much of my focus is visual, and now the visual is gone. I don’t think I will be going back and reinstalling images. Perhaps I will reuse photographs, or G and I talked yesterday about buying our own server.

Imagine, making the Photohost collapse all my problem. Sometimes ya gotta laugh.

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  1. Apologies for the photo hosting glitch. We were trying to take out a very specific usage model and we wound up casting our net a little too broadly. We've fixed it and would love it if you'd come back...

    Best Regards,
    Dean Cookson
    Director, System and Support Operations
    Snapfish, a service of hp.


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