June 2, 2008


Look at that face. Make me laugh. Dinner with the Magic Jims', June 1 2008.

Me: Walked half a mile gently.

G: Picked up several books at the library about hacking Vista.

Work:I have to go get that “official” tie out of the uniforms down in the garage. I should get rid of those too. Work now is writing.
Real life keeps settling in around me. Pretty good stuff, real life. Socialization seems to mean talk and food, more food, and pictures to record it all. We have been doing a lot of that.

I wrote Carrie my nurse friend this morning and said, “Parts of me return to the land of the living, and every day I thank you for your note on my blog. "Free at last," indeed.

Yes, mam, life is good. Yes, mam, the need for pressure stockings diminishes by the day. Yes, mam too, there is less back hip pain every day. You bet your sweet bippy. Still heat from the nerve damage at my hip tho. We are looking at recumbent bikes.

I must report that I've begun exercising gently again. Progress. I walked half a mile yesterday, slowly, besides doing all my leg lifts.”

The daily continuing nausea is gone. Was that the Tylanol? With one whole week off, I can now get out of cars and trucks in one smooth movement. Let’s hope it lasts.

The best gift of all is the uninterrupted sleep. G can go to bed and wake up in the morning all in one fell swoop. Imagine his having one whole night of sleep all at once. We see each other too. Not just in passing. No kisses in the mornings when I am sound asleep; now I know I am getting kissed.

Socialization yesterday afternoon with the magic Jims'. Dinner and conversation was marvelous. Catch up yes, but delightful to see them so well and filled with laughter.

More socialization today also…..via the phone. Via email too. G and I went to the library. That was exciting socialization. You may think that a normal thing, but I haven’t wanted to take library books to the ballpark. One book stolen was enough. I hope who ever did that is still having nightmares.

My goal is to keep my own hip comfortable as long as possible without getting it replaced every ten years with a new one. My next goal is to get back my old life. Little things like going to the library, stopping by an estate sale, mending the bed skirt, writing a poem, these are life. Creativity. Socialization. Giving back. Those too are life. A hard won balance lost for a while because sometimes paying the bills is more important than balance.

There is a life after work that I knew was there, and I’m falling back into it with great joy.


  1. This post just breathes of joy with life and hopefully oil in your hip joint. Take care. Enjoy. Spread your creative wings.

  2. I can hear the relief in the words. You're going to love love love retirement! In many ways this is the best time of our lives. Enjoy every minute and do those creative things that make you really live in the truest sense!


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