June 1, 2008

Sometimes Slowly

Old school friend Dee, me, and new school friendMarion B on the bay at Shelter Island, May 2008.

Me: Still sleeping like a log, and feeling better every day. Now my hands are showing signs of severe wear. All I can do is laugh. Tonight, dinner with the Jim’s.

G: Got Marion’s computer running again. She needs two mice….one for her son too. Hurrah a solution.

Work: Sorting, remembering. Petition sent in. No employee has used a chair at my gate since I left tho there are two chairs.
It’s been little things that have differed from real life these last five years. For instance, I haven’t used my wallet. I’ve had a thin pocket wallet with my ID, bus pass and licenses in a front pocket. Yesterday I cleared my wallet of the detritus from five years ago.

Kaiser medical card, VA medical card, Old AAA cards, very old Chevron card, my Certified Civilian Traffic card, and a very old Vons card. They don’t even come that color any more. Neither does life.

My uniforms hang on my door. When I return them, I will get all my money back. What have I forgotten? So far only a tie. It’s in the garage with the formal wear, the navy blue blazers that I will never wear again. I sort the black pants and keep a few. Folded few.

Instead of the mundane, we grab Dee, and in Grumpy we dash to an estate sale, to another and to Marion B’s house where Dee and Marion discover they are kindred Spirits. I hide from the stories of me as a roll model and shine when I can post Marion B’s horsie pictures on her blog. Only, of course, after my hero G fixes her computer.

I leave her a note. “Pictures, Call Georgette!” That seems to signify life these days. Saving life in images. If I can’t remember the right word, perhaps I can remember the right image. Today more pictures, more sorting, more love. Dinner with the Jim’s tonight…..with more pictures. What more can anyone want just this moment.

Duck tape, indeed.


  1. Slowly and surely is the way indeed. Glad to read you every day. Keep on plodding, Mage, and when it comes to role models, don't turn the other way, just pause and say thank you. For, you are to some of us a role model and that is a good thing to be.

  2. lilalia said it well. Hear! Hear!


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