June 13, 2008

Today On Hold

Pacific Ocean, heading South, 2008.

I have one hour, I need to shower, and then Grumpy and I will be on the road to the Imaging Store. I made no other anythings waiting to see what would happen with this. So:

  • Worked hard Wednesday and early Thursday to finished piece two in the mother daughter trilogy. Roughed out one.

  • Read two and took a print out of the rough one with me to class yesterday. I feel so inadequate criticizing these women’s work.

  • Dinner at home all week. Under fifty bucks for six meals, and innovative salads of some sort with every meal. I meant to write something about salads, and I will have to do that later, darn it. I’ve found several very tasty salads that work well with anything.

  • Speaking of economies, I took the bus to class yesterday. Cost: 0 with my senior bus pass. Grumpy would have used more than a gallon…about five bucks to go two miles round trip. One of the women gave me a ride home, and as she lives up my way, I said yes. Time: Vastly longer to get there than if I drove..

  • My brain is stuck. Perhaps I am so afraid of going and getting a shot today, into the inside of my hip, that I keep thinking that we are scheduled to go to a game today. We aren’t. I need a 2X4 upside the head. For some reason, my brain thinks we are. I’m unable to get beyond this. I thought if I wrote it out that I would finally see that I’m NOT going to a game tonight. Gee….

    There wasn’t enough room for all of them yesterday. I should have just gone ahead and listed everyone:

    1. Kay who I get to visit this fall
    2. Dee who was just here
    3. Lynn who will be meeting with Dee soon, another old college friend
    4. Dan who we all loved
    5. Lee, another mother of two G’kids
    6. A caring brother and sister in law
    7. DA who is doing double duty right now.
    8. Redcat who is doing the same
    9. Cuz T……..thank you
    10. And, the Gunns, the Jim’s, the Carols, Pete, and too the Tim’s, Toms, Johns, and all those other friends who I just forgot yesterday, and today, but I will remember tomorrow. Like Gina and Toad, and much appreciated nephews and nieces. I hate having mush brain. Swiss Cheese brain as my Stroke therapist used to say. More later.

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