June 3, 2008


The very tip of Cabo San Lucas. This beach is reachable only by boat. My newest desktop image. April, 2008.

Me: Officially quit. Reworked that essay for tomorrow’s class and a poem for Thursdays Poet’s Group.

G: Too brilliant for his own good. He learned how to use one part of PS not Elements and make it perform flawlessly in half a day at work, now he has to come home and live with PS Elements. Poor man.

Work: Finalized things.
That’s it. I moved Grumpy, dug out my official dress uniforms from storage, and dug out my tie. The first few years, I wore this often. I’ve worn it only for golf the last few years.

I found it amusing that they demanded we pay for our uniforms in cash, but they return the money by check, “In three to four days.”

“Our checks don’t bounce,” replied the receptionist who lost 98 pounds and reinvented herself into a beauty. At least they were all friendly.

In many ways, today seems like the real start of my retirement. My final checks are in the mail. I’ve returned my uniforms. Though I said, “Call me,” you know they won’t, and I don’t give a fig.

I’m contemplating a walk though the doc said to bike not walk. Not power walk, fer sure. We’ve not bought a bike tho I have found two places in this tiny condo to put a stationary bike. We found the recumbent Schwinn we wanted at a sports store for an astronomical sun. We found another one on Craig’s list, used and at a reasonable price although G tried to convince me to buy a far cheaper idea that wouldn’t work. The other was sold without us.

Today I’ll walk along the bay edge camera in hand the world toned down by June Gloom. The Nimitz is due in. Maybe I will catch her. It’s enough to tantalize one into getting out there and exercising.


  1. Hi Mage,

    I hope you get to see the Nimitz when she comes into San Diego.

    I heard an interesting story about her the other day.

    Someone at a big International Conference was poking fun at the United States because the President had offered to send an aircraft carrier to an Indonesian disaster area.

    The jokester said" What's the U.S. up to sending an aircraft carrier to a disaster? What are they going to do, bomb them?"

    With that the representative from the United States stood up and said," This aircraft carrier is nucleur powered and can supply 8,000 kilowatts of power to any shore facility.We have three cafeterias capable of serving up to 18,000 meals a day. We can produce 400,000 gallons of fresh water from the sea every day. We carry six helicopters to bring victims to our 3 hospitals which have 80 beds and 6 doctors, including a surgeon and 6 dentists."

    "How many Aircraft Carriers is your country sending?"

    They say you could have heard a pin drop.......

  2. That beach looks so beautiful--a marvelous motif for your new retirement.

  3. Thanks so much Ruthe.......yes. And yes, I did Nancy. I'm struggling to get a photo that works now. :) Good story.

  4. Ah, sounds like things are falling into place. Your health is so important, I am glad that the job will no longer take is toll on your joints. be well.

  5. Hi, Mage!

    Glad to hear you're adapting to retirement. I'm thinking about it...sorta easing into it. I can cut back on classes because I'm a 'free lance" not a contracted teacher.
    [I'm struggling to make a pun with 'expanded' and 'contracted', but it just isn't coming out.];-)

    Enjoy the days,
    ~ Sil in Corea

  6. Would love to join you at the beach for a walk. A bicycle of any kind is out for me.

    Enjoy your retirement.


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