June 9, 2008

Weeding and Witing

G in a rental convertible, 2005.

Me: Deleting unused images from Snapfish. Writing and rewriting the piece about walking the park.

G: Played games, did house stuff.
It’s like cleaning out underneath the kitchen sink. Something one needs to do, but it’s something one puts off. Today I’m going to do it.

LA Union Station main waiting room, 2005.

I’m cleaning out the old and dusty in Snapfish, my photo host, while working on a new piece or two for class. The only thing left in 2003 now is an album of Star of India images. There are two albums left in 2004, one of which has all the “Us” images. What do I do with all 2005 the AIDS Quilt images, the photos from Paris, from London, from our travels in the west, and all those really great railroad station images. Do I use any of them here?

Will I ever show all the Hawaiian shirt images? I don’t think there’s any interest. Ship photos? Only if they are classics like the Training Ship Golden Bear. What about the 33 images of the bay. That album seems more of a hodge podge of old and moldy that art and useful. Then again, there are one or two useful images.

Perhaps I need to just go weed out under the kitchen sink and think about deleting them before I do it.


  1. Put everything on a CD or DVD. It's cheap storage and you might think differently next year. The only trouble with that is it gets overwhelming. I keep coming up with the same problem.

  2. I would save those memories somewhere.

  3. Yes, like Ruthe said, Put them on a CD. You never know when you'll be inspired to use one of those old pictures. And CDs don't take up a lot of space. Three out of three can't be wrong!


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