July 28, 2008

Arts, Artists, and toys: Comic-Con IV

I admit, there were a lot of hero’s crowding the isles. There were sexy heroines and sexy slaves. Sex sells, obviously. Even women artists drew voluptuous women.

There were romantic images, there were hard edge and powerful paintings, then there was gentle……just a few of those.

There were hero’s in glass, in plastic, in metal. There were hero’s full sized. There were tiny replicas. There were hero’s who’d become human and charmed us just for a moment.

Best of all, there was the magical Moira Hahn and her delightful Samurai Cat world. Certainly a world populated by hero’s, I was beyond tired when I discovered these images. I only had time to take one picture.

“Oh, how wonderful these are,” I told her grinning, to tired to do more than smile…tho I told her my name laughing.

“About one out of every fifty that pass by the table catch on,” she answered smiling back.

I called Bee this morning, and she knew of Moira Hahn’s art. “She’s in Koplin del Rio Gallery, and I went back to her show three times before the magic began to wear off a little,” she told me. “Expensive.” I dream anyway.


Moira Hahn New Work

Moira Hahn Homepage


  1. You went to Comic Con! WOW! So what was that Cat looking at?

  2. Thank you for introducing me to Moira Hahn. I never heard of her before and she's great. Her use of the forms of Japanese prints is wonderful.


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