July 8, 2008

At Last

Spring is sprung, Summer is simmering at last.

G: They have started up the special project again announcing that eventually it will be standard. He’s in heaven. His division has beat the old records by a mile, and as a reward the company will be taking them all to a day game in the $45.00 seats. Some tomorrow, some later.

G’ette: Finished the Nazi Architecture piece…..it’s too long for class.

Weather: Night and morning fogs.

Menus: Last night sphagetti and baked turkey meatballs. They were really good. The salad had 1/3 sliced apple, a few nuts, and a no fat honey mustard salad dressing.

Gypsy Spirit's Cruising Adventure: Gypsy Spirit is right now at sea heading to the South Seas aboard the P&O Pacific Sun. You can follow her travels on the cruise cam.
  • Dearest G repaired my computer this weekend. This last month, it would start, run nicely, and refuse to turn off. Only after the system restore did I realize that I had upgraded my Java so I could use Photobucket. I can no longer use Photobucket. My computer now turns off the way it should.

  • I hacked, slashed, noodled, slashed some more, and finally finished that Nazi Architecture article. “The only way you could write this with any personal point would be if you were Jewish,” says Bee who is married to a formidable Jewish gentleman. I still kept a few personal comments in and probably should take them out. I remain fascinated by this neo-classical forbearer of the International Style that we continue to sweep under the rug. Reject both, actually. Then immediately after thinking great thoughts about line, composition, and dramatic usage in this architecture, I find a link to a whole French villiage killed then the town flattened because they harassed German soldiers. Incredibly awfull.

  • Lovely. I felt good enough to go back to exercise class today. The teacher OK’d the bandage, and I can say, boy am I out of shape. How lovely to be back though.

  • Errands. I’m well enough for errands too. Bookstore to see if they have paperbacks of 1,2, and 3 of Jan Karon’s series. Grocery store for one ripe avocado, grated parmesan, WW bars, and one other thing that I have forgotten. Most importantly the avo. I can’t make avo salsa without the avo. Cleaners. Fed-Ex to get copies of the Nazi stuff for class tomorrow. I actually got Grumpy started today. Much better than yesterday. Maybe I was pressing the wrong button yesterday. I’m so dithery these days. Even managed to lose my earplugs at the pool this morning. Ah well. But I feel soooooooo much better at last.


  1. Oh glad you are feeling better. The pool sounds so nice, especially with the heat wave that is about to descend upon us!

  2. I'm so happy you are feeling better. And I'd love to read your paper. Any thoughts about posting it? Or you could send it to me. I have a friend who is an architectural historian, mostly of Chicago architecture. But I have a feeling she would be interested, also.

  3. You sound better! Retirement has definitely been good for you.


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