July 17, 2008


Day of the Dead Apron, Top. Yes, that’s what I said. Where ever did this seamstress find this day of the dead fabrics. These are very imaginative works of art, and they are well over a hundred dollars each. I continue to shop by camera. Frieda Kahlo apron, bottom. 2008.

Photographs and Photohosting: Please let me know if you see little red boxes instead of my Snapfish images. Today is day one of using only Snapfish again. Thank you very much.

G: Vacation: Hasn’t figured out how to take that Friday off yet, but said he would. I’m poking him to set a date for his yearly too. Poke!

G’ette: Got physical dates. Found a truly ugly blue flowered dress at Ross. If I cut off the top, I have a winner of a skirt. Found a jacket at Curves…….paid too much, but it’s the exact right color. Don't know if I like it tho. No top yet. I piece myself together for the wedding.

Weather: Sticky and foggy at the beach.

Menus: Wednesday: Grilled hamburger steaks and SoCal’s salad….and it was REALLY good. Thursday: Chicken Enchelada’s, beans. Friday: out. Saturday: Chicken Caesar salad, corn bread.

Architecture: Bldg Blog: Forgotten Architects: The Jewish architects of Germany pre-WWII.

History: Try this site; Navsource.org: Naval History: a Photographic History of the US Navy. Fine coverage of the 28 Manitowoc submarines that my Uncle Charlie helped build, but also photos of the LCT's that he designed.
SoCalFrank is a dear, but he didn’t mention portion control when he told us about his favorite summer salad, Caprese. Once I got it all together, I was left with questions. How much are we supposed to serve? Neither did he mention what the cheese really looked and felt like. When one does things like buy fresh mozzarella all the time, one doesn’t think of these details. So I asked the Italian resturaunteur expert in our writing class who said, to push down with the thumb gently. There should be some resistance, but the cheese shouldn’t be hard nor totally soft….just so it moves inward when you push.

We must have the fresh basil, SoCal says. I got fresh basil, and for the first time ever I was blown away by the potent scent when I opened the package.

“It smells like a garden in here,” called G from the living room.

Next time we eat this, I will photograph the dish. A creamy, white mozzarella leans on a brilliant, fresh, tomatoe slice with a pungent fresh leaf of basil tucked between them. The salad is topped off with a dash of light olive oil, and a twist of fresh cracked black pepper.

Nirvana. But the question begs to be asked, how did SoCalFrank lose all that weight eating like this.

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  1. Oh where did you find good tomatos! Even my farmers market has marginal ones, I think there is a tomato paranoia with the salmonella scare.


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