July 21, 2008

Crackers and Projects

The Convention Center, the Coaster, and one of the gardeners at Petco Park.

Photographs and Photohosting: Please let me know if you see little red boxes instead of photographs. Thank you very much.

G: Had a relaxed day yesterday. Lunch at the mall, wedding present time, game time while I pounded the keys.

G’ette: Finished the WPA piece. Reused a title I liked in 1988: “They Spread Their Wings On Walls.” I like gift registries too. Tho they don’t leave a lot to the imagination, they do take the “ten sets of salt and pepper shakers” out of the gift equation.

Weather: Supposed to be foggy, but the world is filled with sunshine and the fog hangs just over the point. PS: the cold fogs rolled in at 0745.

Menus: Dinner: Grilled Cheese and slaw.
Lenora says I should just have crackers in the house for the morning sick niece. I’m at a loss. Having never had morning sickness myself, and then getting a note from nephew to my “what do you eat” plea saying, “I eat anything and she isn’t eating much,” leaves me dithering. So I’ll buy crackers.

Why am I fussing with this today? I told them we would feed them and wait on them hand and foot if they come. I’m grocery shopping for the week today. I’m making lists.

Breakfasts for us are measured amounts of cereals and rice milk. Sugar, I need to buy sugar, I scribble on my list. Juices. A dozen eggs too. All opinions are covered; breakfasts are in the house. Lunches will be sandwiches: egg salad, ham and cheese, chicken salad. I’ll buy the ham and cheese Thursday, and make the egg salad and chicken salad on Thursday too. We can all brown bag to the Convention Center. Need to buy water too. Dinners: I’ll preplan something like a veggie entrĂ©e, and roast chicken the two days we won’t be at the Convention Center at dinner time. Salads too. Simple stuff. Can we take them out? We will see.

Bedding clean. It all works. G tried it out. I must remember that the blue blanket bleeds when I go to wash everything later. G now has pale blue socks, and I don’t want to repeat this experience at all soon.

The closet is done. The one big writing project is done. There’s two smaller ones waiting for me, then we will be emptying out the computer room. Sew the elastic on the skirt. I cut the top off yesterday. Sew the strips on the blocks and iron. The projects will soon all be done. Imagine. Crackers and projects done.


  1. Sure sounds as though you are in a dither of anticipation... how lovely. Hope you have a great time.

  2. Finished projects! What a sense of purpose that must give you.


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