July 2, 2008

Eurodam Christening

The Oosterdam, one of the larger HAL Vista class ships, departs San Diego, 2007.

For those of us who are interested in cruise ships, ocean liners, or transportation via the ocean in any form, a most impressive cruise ship was christened yesterday.

I have been following the construction of HAL’s Eurodam since the very beginning via the Euordam News Blog. It’s been a fascinating journey. Yesterday’s photographic entry, showing the dedication, views of Queen Beatrix smiling wholeheartedly as she rings the bell, tours the bridge, and shakes hands with HAL CEO Stein Kruse, was just delightful. I grinned right along with her.

Yesterday evening, a rough hewn video of the day was put up too. They assure us it will become more polished later in the week.

On another blog, Peter Knego begins his Eurodam coverage June 28 on his arrival in Southampton and continuing through to the first. More to come, he tells us. Then with great enthusiasm, Peter begins his new blog, Decked with a deck by deck tour of the Eurodam.

On Open Diary, a favorite blogger, Gypsy Spirit is right now at sea heading to Lautoka aboard the P&O Pacific Sun. Imagine, winning a cruise. I’m looking forward to reading all her adventures on her return. All Peter’s too, come to think of it.


Euordam News Blog.

Peter Knego’s Sea Treks

Decked: A Deck by deck tour blog by Peter Knego

Pacific Sun Photo of the ship and bridge cam. Remember, when it’s day in North America, it’s night in Lautoka.

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