July 29, 2008

Free at Last

Sorted at Comic-Con.

G: They have given him two people to work with him on the new project.

G’ette: Did all those things one does once the guests are gone. Today a walk and 32 pieces of email that actually need answers.

Weather: The sun never fully came out here at all.

Menus: Heaven only knows. I do want a picnic sometime this summer even if in the grey of the fogs.

History:Wikipedia: Comic-Con
There we were up at four, drop the first load of laundry in, and off to the airport at o’dark o’hundred to see long lines at check in. Waves, hugs, kisses, kind words, and they were off to Utah while we were back into the real world.

Although my head kept nodding and my eyes kept closing, most of the laundry got done, the beds collapsed, a book read….or skimmed, and one or two pieces of furniture returned to their usual spots. Clean surfaces were returned to their usual chaotic state as we emptied out our backpacks of swag. It was amazing how much paper we managed to accumulate.

I called Bee in stages. We usually ramble on at about eight until whenever our ramble runs out. This day, it was my turn to call her, and we talked briefly until I interrupted to call the doctor’s office. I actually got an appointment with Doc. Lew, who is the one who has been tending my shin, at ten thirty, and called Bee back. Then we talked. More father sadness. She’s so angry. He’s given up and lies there unwilling to get out of his bed at the nursing home. Pneumonia. Bed sores. He stopped eating. He can’t get his pain meds and he can’t drink. This is not a happy man. Her mother doesn’t remember him until she sees him now. But when you get them together they scream at each other until the nursing home halls are filled with their angry yelling.

Me: The doctor said the wound is closing and looks good. The edema is very bad. Don’t go swimming until the wound is closed. Wear compression stockings and go forth.

I did and felt freed. I drove to the ever more upscale Westfield Fashion Valley mall. Imagine every mall in the whole city being owned by one Australian Corporation……Westfield. Plenty of parking near JC Penny’s who actually own their building so can’t be tossed out as too middle class or lower class for the upgraded mall. I found the blue sweater that matches the blue in my skirt, and I found a pair of blue flats to match on sale/on sale/ on sale too. Good timing on my part. Seven dollars. Who knows if I will die of the heat in Utah on the 8th, but I will have my shoulders covered.

A big Mac and home to doze over the computer between loads of laundry.


  1. If only there was some machine that would fold and put the laundry away! Glad to hear that the shin is healing. Taking its time though. You might need some rest after all these busy days in the crowds. Sounds like you had a good time.

  2. Love the picture. What a great hat. And you look so happy; you have a wonderful smiling face.

  3. Yo! The Midilfe Gals here again...I think you may have tried to change our URL on your blogroll, but now I'm just seeing an 'error' message. Bless your heart for trying...will you try again, please?


    and we would love to have your email address for our 'announcement' news...like we're starting our own RADIO SHOW in August and want to tell you all about it.

    You can email me from our site for privacy.

    thanks, DOLL!

    KK and SalGal

  4. Your leg must heal! I am worried about it. What house did you get sorted into? i am a huge harry potter fan :)


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