July 19, 2008

Frick and Frack

Frick and Frack in 2006.

Photographs and Photohosting: Please let me know if you see little red boxes instead of my Snapfish images. Today is day one of using only Snapfish again. Thank you very much.

G: Spent an hour with Mohave going over her choices at Comic-Con with G. Her mom reminded us that she won’t be going if her room isn’t cleaned. You would be proud of me, I didn’t say a thing.

G’ette: It was Nirvanah, they let me sort the incoming stuff. Heaven.

Weather: Sticky and foggy at the beach burning off after one.

Menus: Thai out last night, and we tried Steak Salad……..very good but spicy, and Pork Brocoli. The wanton soup was addictive.
Frick and Frack, two brothers whipped off to Pakistan in 1962, or 1963. Two pale blond boys who climbed off the plane into 113 degree heat and ended up living in a giant house with cooks, a driver, body guard, and all the servants anyone would ever want.

The brother’s in Jay’s living room, 2006.

When the contract ended, they came back to the US and stayed in El Monte while their dad looked for another job. Then back they went to a big duplex while his dad went back to being a contract manager for a giant project.

Jay and G at Jay’s wedding, August 1977.Jay and G and Jay’s eldest son’s wedding, 2006.

Their dad lost the job, and for a while they lived in Spain before returning to Colorado while their dad went to Vietnam on another contract.

“There was a little alcohol and drugs mixed in there. You can’t forget all that fun stuff,” G comments.

“I’m just posting pictures,” I retort with a straight face.

Round India by train: a three week train trip.

Today one hates to travel, and the other hates to visit third world countries. When they get together, the jokes never cease…..just like the comedy team, “Frick and Frack.”

Rowing in Kashmir and touring Pakistan.

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  1. Their body language looks so comfortable with each other. My family lived everywhere when we were young. Some of us love to travel, where the others don't just like G. and his brother.


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