July 31, 2008

Inching Our Way

Top: L to R: Bride, niece-IL1 with her children, and my sister in law. Bottom: Nephew 1, his two kids, and G’s brother. 2006.

G: Started a new person on his special project. Still smiling.

G’ette: Class and errands. I love this stuff. Loved having dinner with Carrie. What a wonderful woman she is who is now heading off to Vegas for the Black Nurses Convention and seven days of too much politics in Vegas.

Weather: The sun is supposed to come out today. Glorious stuff. Slept with a blanket……like a log.

Menus: Salad and crème brule. Tonight Costco and hot dogs.

History:I almost wrote, “You bet your sweet bippy.” Where did that come from? Laugh In…and we did.
  • We are inching into our travel personas. We will wear our wedding finery on the plane…….hey, if they lose our bags, we can always buy pants at that unnamed store I boycott but is the only store in Vernal. We can change at the airport into shorts and off we go.

  • Carrie says they have shortened the distance between seats and the space are now too small for her to fit in comfortably. She’s tiny compared to us. All my height is in my legs. My legs are even longer than G’s. This is going to be interesting.

  • What to wear? G owns three suits now….various widths and assorted qualities. He’s ready. Me? Invented shoes and almost finished the invented jacket. What? The seven dollar, shiny blue shoes had blue plaid interiors. I turned what parts showed just solid blue with a marker. White stitching on the grey jacket was turned grey with a pen. I’ve gained enough weight so my homemade blue flowered skirt fits. There’s a sweater too. Baby, we got straight clothes for the wedding. Sometimes you really have to laugh.

  • Eight days till Vernal. The Lt. Commander will pick up the newspaper. There will only be two days of mail. I need to remind the kids we will be gone for the weekend. Nothing else is scheduled to happen…..but reality could mean anything will happen.

  • Our wedding present arrived in Utah. The bride is thrilled. I learned a lesson. Have who ever it is at the store read the address back to you off their computer. “Oh, we have the address in our computer,” doesn’t mean it is the right address. We had the right address in our hand, but they had the bride’s brother’s address in the computer. Ah well.

  • I’m looking forward to all but the flight. I’ve flown In a lot of different planes: DC3’s, DC4’s, Connies, DC10’s, 747’s, H-19’s, and a few more in between, but the 707 was the most exciting. Fourteen dollars to LA and back on a jet. Imagine. I hated the stern wag in the Air Bus all the way to Europe…but there it was. Until 2001, I loved to fly. Now, frankly, if I could take a train, I would.

  • I know. I bore you with all of this, and I apologize. I, the left over hippy, beach bum, loves the fact that G has a wonderful family. I know there will be little time to talk this trip. We are flying in, spending a day there in the middle of wedding fuss and crowds, and flying out again. Poof. But I am really looking forward to this visit with sort of a childlike joy.


  1. Have a good trip.

  2. Sometimes you mystify me because you assume I know what you are referring to, but you never bore me. Have a wonderful time. I hope your flight will be uneventful. That seems to be the best we can hope for these days.

  3. I know what you mean about flying now. We're scheduled to go to Florida in November and already I'm dreading the thought of all the s*** you have to go through! I'm like fat-old-artist, sometimes I'm not sure to whom you refer, but you never ever bore me! Don't forget to send "postcards!"


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