July 5, 2008


Bundles of flags.

G: Ah, popcorn.

G’ette: Still bleeding and bruised, but unbowed. Rinsed sinuses all day, and ate too many M&M’s at the movies. Way too sweet. One sinus better this morning.

Weather: Very thick, pea soup, night and morning fogs. Warm day yesterday and today. My scarred legs are hanging out there in shorts. Sheets at night in the heat.

Wall-E: The making of Wall-E. Cute film. G and I enjoyed it.
Before heading out to see Wall-E, we did the new morning ritual of alcohol wipes and bandages. Then we headed out into a world where the streets were empty, the air quiet, and only one dog walker was seen on the silent streets.

We went to the older Mission Valley mall so we could see the movie and shop afterwards. The new food court was sterile….bad design, and the seats in the theater were inflexible. The movie was darling but the M&Ms were too sweet.

Afterwards we stopped in Tar-jay and bought three Mortorola Walkie talkies. We bought a higher priced set which would get us a greater range in the convention center…a mile in the inner city. A young salesman tried to convince us to buy elsewhere as we might be able to get better range with a different set. We would be dead if we lost Mohave at Comic-Con, and if the nephew and his wife arrive for his film showing at Comic-con, we would like to keep in touch with him too in that giant building.

Home we were lumpish until six, when I poked for a discussion of isolation over chicken sandwiches and slaw. Isolation is one of the symptoms of our disease. We isolate. G more than most. The experts say that one person in a marriage will usually follow the other in their behaviors. I, the great social queen who used to have dinner gatherings every night, have been shrinking. I do not like it. Perhaps too, my common cold makes me feel more cut off from any contact, but I do feel a lack of local close friends noticeable since I quit my job.

We are bestirring ourselves to see what we can see out there in the big world in the way of activities.

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  1. You are so right about isolation. It is something we all have to be aware of on a daily basis. Yet, there are so many institutions, neighbourhoods, collectives that need people to help read to children, or dig in gardens, or organise elections... the list is endless. In my experience, it is easier to make friends through common activities rather than common interests.


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