July 15, 2008


…and other parts of life including “Gotothedoctorrightaway” which I did.

Mage drawing the Blue Line with Jo and Cosmom 1980. Photo: Cosmom.

G: Frustrated because not all the answers were where he wanted them. He made time to answer twenty “shin” questions every time he got lost at work. Found one vacation day for the wedding. Made wedding trip plans. He said he had the money, and so we spent money. Ya know….we will have a ball.

M: Wrote, Got 1345 appointment, talked with Bee who is pulling her hair out about her family and dad in nursing home where he refuses to get out of bed and insists he is in pain when full of morphine and her family who thinks the home isn’t doing anything, lunch, Doc visit and weighed in gaining only 4 pounds with this sedentary life, dinner, planned wedding trip to Vernal Utah, went dress looking at Ross.

Weather: Wwwwarmmmmm even at beach. Sunny. Sun tea out on the deck. Light foods.

Menus: Monday: Bfast: Grapenuts with rice-milk and coffee. Lunch: half a ham and no fat cheese sand. Dinner: butterflied loin pork chop with orange glaze, green beans, avo and tomatoe salad.
Oh, it was a lovely quiet morning. I even got some of my endless link following done about the WPA artists. Yes, I’m refining my thinking on that. One cannot do a four page essay on all of the WPA, FAP, WFAP, and Section artists, styles and totalitarianism and have it mean anything much of anything besides making any sense at all. I’m shrinking my four page limit WPA thinking format to several little known artists of the WPA and what happened.

The Author of Third Reich in Ruins liked what I wrote and especially liked the fact that I touched on the “Volkish” architectures of which more survived. I felt honored to hear from him.

Yes, yes, and yes. I went in yesterday to have a new doc, that’s always scary, look at my much reddened and reddening shin. Not infected, he said after I told him “All.” Oh, what a relief. He thinks it’s an allergy. Me of many allergies never thought of that. Neither did daughter Lenora. An allergy to the antibiotic ointment. The first one just made it all redder and didn’t work so I moved on to a much tougher one which made it worse. Vastly worse.

All the other dings, dents, bruises, and scrapes have healed perfectly. Even going in the water wasn’t the problem tho I must now stay out of the water until the shin is completely healed. He is much worried about the swelling tho. I’m to wear gauze, pressure stocking, and a “silver cream” which will prevent infection while things heal. Wash gently with soap and water, gauze, and live. If things don’t improve in five days, or by Friday, come back. Yes sir.

Whooooooooooo. Goodness.

When he was done he reminded me that it was that test time again. I’m afraid my mouth opened and everything I have been thinking fell out……poor guy. I live with a whole drawer of pills and sprays. I’m over done with doctor’s visits, pills, nostrums, lotions, and potions not to mention MRI’s, x-rays, and getting smashed one more time. And I am only 66. Or is that 67. I’m damned if I feel old. Ah well, it’s still mammogram and physical time again. If I have to do it, so does G. Appointments will be made this morning.

The Wedding. Our niece is getting married in August to someone we are assured that we will like. The reception is in Vernal, Utah, and G insists we can go to our September train trip and take one day of vacation time and go to Vernal too. I, who is always urging G to isolate less and do family stuff more is jazzed that he thinks we can afford this. It looks like we will fly into Salt Lake City Friday noonish, drive four hours to Vernal in a Fox rental, and be there in time for the cake cutting on Saturday. We will fly out of SLC Sunday morning with only one day’s vacation time used.

Fly? Us. The train people? We will carry it all on with us. Fancy clothes, pills, and pillows ‘R us all on our backs. Watch us. All at senior rates too.


  1. RYC: I will try to post more regularly. It's a symptom of this blasted ADD which I never even knew I had/was until a couple of months ago. Explains a lot about why I can't manage time or money any better than the cat. (Although my friend John, who's one of us, says "We don't process time or money like normal folks." Maybe we're all ADD?)

    So, still trudging, still working on trying to get my life pulled into an unshattered condition, still trying to learn how to have enough time.

    You take care of that shin! Ouchies!


  2. Gosh, my husband never goes to the doctor's when I ask him too. Now I can say Mage did; though the doctor come up with some other diagnosis and the ointment didn't work... That doesn't seem like a good argument. I sure hope the socks and the silver ointment does better.

    That would be a wonderful train trip out to Utah, wouldn't it?


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