July 2, 2008


Flags: On the side of a dry dock at the Sub Base, 2007.

G: Dinner was salad by the bay, and afterwards computer games and the Discovery TV show about crab fishing. We both like it for some reason…..perhaps because the people are real.

G’ette: I did get dinner into the house. Nap interrupted by one more call from one of Marie’s collection folks. That’s three or four days of this. She has an upcoming meeting scheduled to deal with all this, so I just growl at them when they call me and request to be taken off their call list. Saved June to the outside HD, and saved all June's JPG’s to the HD. Slept terribly.

Weather: Foggy night and morning stuff that isn’t quite burning off. By three it’s coming back in again solidly and leaving us cool and in the grey while inland everyone is burning up.

Tasks: Today laundry.
I gave up on the fuchsia cotton dress, and tossed it into the washing machine all by itself. Today I have to remember to first run the machine empty, then run a second load of just reds. That should clear it out.

I researched mordents yesterday, and I was defeated by my cold. I gave in and washed it, will wear it, and will send it to the cleaners and have them set it with their chemicals. I didn’t have the energy when I was at the store to get whatever was needed and was defeated a bit by the mordent articles.

This long struggle with the cold is all my fault, of course. I watched Captain Phil be defeated last night by a blood clot in his lung. I watched him go outside and smoke when he had a blood clot in his lung, and I remember being just like that. I was certainly like that after hand surgery when all I wanted was a cigarette outside the doors to the recovery room. So today I suffer long colds as a result of years of damaging my lungs, damaging my vocal cords, damaging my bronchial tubes and sinuses with all that smoke. I loved it every bit of that smoke I sucked down inside me. I truly was addicted to it. I could not imagine life without it.

Now days I am trying to be good. Not only do I not smoke, I try to keep my viri away from others. Last week, I went to a writers class on the first day of this cold. I truly regret this. I didn’t know is my only useless excuse. On the second day, I visited Marion B and stayed far away from her and hers. That day I knew something was up. I sure hope she didn’t catch it. G judges me day by days and says again that I sound awful and should stay home today. I’m home but not gracefully.

Perhaps I am getting well and beginning to notice the world around me at last.


Mordant: Wikipedia

AnneLiese’s Fibers and Stuff: Mordents and Metal Dyes

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Motheringdotcommune Bleeding dyes

Minnisota Historical Society: Textiles and clothing

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