July 12, 2008

More Delight

The Roundy's at the ballpark, 2008.

G: Smiling all the time now.

G’ette: I didn’t fit in the seat last night. Couldn’t get comfortable. “Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle,” G kept telling me. Think I over-did at swimming.

Weather: Flat out gorgeous with ugly humidity.

Menus: Two dollar hot dogs at the ball park with Cracker Jack. OOOOoooooooo!
  • Ooooooo…….too. I don’t have to volunteer eight hours at the Cancer Society Thrift Store, only three. Imagine. And they found a volunteer job that came with a chair…..I rolled up donation bags and tied them with ribbon. Loverly.

  • Made a beginning dent in the WPA Artists piece. Found out more about Creative Commons usage of images. Have two pages of links that are good research bits. Such fun for me.

  • (G didn’t know that the Atlanta Braves had originally been the Milwaukee Braves.) Imagine, the Padre’s with Peavy on the mound, wiped the floor with the Braves up to the ninth inning. Not a score for Braves. Our middle reliever let two men get on base with two outs at the top of the ninth. The game changed to a “save situation.” Out of the dark from the far side of the ball park, Trevor Hoffman slowly jogged across the outfield to the mound to the tune of Hells Bells. The white knight riding to the save.

    Up against Hoffman was a very young man with barely a whisker on his face. Oh it was sad. Like throwing a lamb to twenty lions. A terribly miss match. Yes, Hoffman is winding down. He’s old for the game. He’s had some bad innings lately. Once earlier in the month, he allowed two homers. The crowd boo’d him. But not last night.

    They stood and cheered him as he came out on the field. They kept cheering him as each practice pitch arrowed straight for the catcher’s glove. He came in to pitch to one batter, and he struck that one batter out. It was as if that poor kid was thrown into the lions den, and the lion won. Baseball at its best.

  • Saturday: Today. Two estate sales. We now have a Granddaughter here for Sunday night at Comic-con, plus a nephew and pregnant niece here for Comic-Con too. We will be picking up a single air mattress, and we need to get sheets to match. Then we need to get the mattress. Tarjay. Dinner with Aaron….so we need to go to the bank to get him a little cash for the day. Dinner where we do not know yet….but somewhere offering gigante amounts of food like DZ Akins deli.


  1. A new air mattress? Or an additional one? Just waving hello -- off to run a bazillion errands since this is the first day it's been possible to breathe outside in I don't know how long.

    You two look so happy, but then you always do. My role models!

  2. I agree with Kate, you and G look so much at ease and happy to be at the game. Good to hear about the work in the thrift shop. Be sure to tell us about this new venture.

  3. You guys look so happy! having fun!


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