July 16, 2008

Testing Ho!

Top photo: Snapfish. Bottom Photo: Photobucket. Both with flash spot. Ah, well.

Barse Miller’s watercolor and ink sketch of “Monhegan’s Landing.” Barse Miller was an award winning young artist, attended several important art schools, WPA muralist, war artist, one of the founders of the California Watercolor School, teacher, painter, and died on a teaching cruise in Mexico.

G: Moved on to a more functional auto brand. At least he can find the info he needs.

Mage: Wrote, shopped for dinners, wrote, deleted, wrote, edited myself out of existence. Went to both Curves (The fat ladies used clothing store,) and Nordies Rack. Nada for a Aunt of the bride dress. I just don't want to wear black.

Weather: Wwwwarmmmmm even at beach. Sunny. Sticky. Light foods.

Menus: Tuesday: Chicken fajitas...and they were good. Wednesday: Grilled hamburger steaks and SoCal’s salad...I don't know how soft that cheese is supposed to be, but mine is hard. Thursday: Chicken Enchelada’s, beans. Friday: out. Saturday: Chicken Caesar salad, corn bread.

History: Try this site; Navsource.org: Naval History: a Photographic History of the US Navy. Fine coverage of the 28 Manitowoc submarines that my Uncle Charlie helped build, but also photos of the LCT's that he designed.
  • Please let me know what you see for pictures. Thanks.

  • Flying. Flying to SLC, renting a car, and driving to Vernal. We have to do this all in one weekend. Darn it.

  • Spending the day hacking and slashing at what was supposed to be a light four page, double spaced article on the artists of the WPA, was an exercise in futility. I feel like grinding my teeth and going to the pool even if I am not supposed to get my leg wet. I feel like kicking my computer and abandoning everything…….not functional, of course.

  • The information set aside is essential, but listing the alphabet agencies takes up so much space, not to mention research time, that I never got to talking about the artists:

    (FERA) came first in 1933, then the Civil Works Administration, (CWA). Next the Public Works of Art Project, (PWAP). Its successor was “The Treasury Section of Painting and Sculpture,” (Section). And there was the Treasury Relief Arts Projects (TRAP). The Works Progress Agency (WPA) in 1933, had “Project Number One.” One of its four parts was called the Fine Art Project (FAP) which was called WPA/FAP.

    That was condensation of a week’s work.

  • I’m showing two test photos of a Barse Miller sketch as a trial run of my continued conversation with Snapfish. This has been an endless mess. The DM here should know what Snapfish thinks of Open Diary.

  • An edited email exchange ending:


    They have opened up the blogspot URL.

    There is still discussion about the opendiary due to it being a message board. These message boards host sites that contain inappropriate images from sites and we tend to get bombarded by these uploads.

    I will keep you posted, at least I got one URL to work for you.

    Dear W...........

    Please let me know when I can use this on both my blogs. I cannot tell
    you how much I appreciate real communications........

    Waiting, M

    I pinged our engineering team again asking them to please fix this.
    * Customer (M)* 07/12/2008 12:25 PM


    Dear W...........

    Thanks for communicating. Unfortunately, I've gone from having pictures
    to having little red boxes again at my Blogger blog. Not taking a
    chance, I used photobucket for both blogs this morning. Oh, why is this
    taking so long for us peons.


    Sorry for that slow response, we're behind here at the corporate, not
    enough help and too much work...

    Anyway, we had to block these due to a huge increase of inappropriate
    images being hosted by us. The request to fix this has been submitted,
    should be done in a day or two.
    Thank You,
    Snapfish Support
    Level 2
    * Customer (G)* 07/11/2008 09:55 AM

    Dear W............
    I have no idea if this issue has been resolved or not. I have been
    waiting to hear from you since July 2. Today's post asking for my blog
    URL is the first I have heard from you since a number of form emails
    arrived. Here is my blog address.


    Why is my blog suddenly blocked by your firewall?

    Your photos seem to translate well to Open Diary:


    Please let me know what's happening. Your service is a pleasure to use,
    and I really don't want to move somewhere else. Thank you for this last
    communication even if it is computer generated, I see it has a real
    response attached.


    Long Pause……..

    * Customer (M)* 07/02/2008 09:11 AM
    Dear Snapfish.......

    I would like an answer instead of assorted automated replies. You have
    not told me that this situation is resolved, and I am waiting to hear
    from you. Until I do, I will continue to use another photohosting site
    for my Blogger page.

    Waiting, M


  1. Maggie,
    Are you still having trouble with images served up from Snapfish? It looks to me like it's working correctly here on your blog. If something doesn't seem to be working correctly can you get in touch with me directly? My email is firstname.lastname AT hp.com.


  2. Well, at least it's different: top photo red box, lower photo is the proper photo.

  3. I see both pictures, no red box.

  4. I see the pix. I swtiched to wordpress becuase it offers alot more functionality. I will probably put Daisys blog over there too soon.


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