July 18, 2008

The Ticking Clock

Alex and Lee are arriving Thursday. Photo, 2005.

Photographs and Photohosting: Please let me know if you see little red boxes instead of my Snapfish images. Today is day one of using only Snapfish again. Thank you very much.

G: “Is he a flower power guy,” he was asked at work as he so often wears his “found” Hawaiian shirts to work. Today he wore a Mickey Mouse shirt. Is he saying something?

G’ette: Interesting meeting. Out of 20 stores, ours is in the top five. And they feed us lunch at that store meeting. I was missing that bit of info.

Weather: Sticky and foggy at the beach burning off after one. If the fogs hadn’t burned off by 11 in the past, they were not going to burn off. Yes, the weather has changed..

Menus: Meals this week have been a success. Thai out tonight.

History: Try this site; Navsource.org: Naval History: a Photographic History of the US Navy. Fine coverage of the 28 Manitowoc submarines that my Uncle Charlie helped build, but also photos of the LCT's that he designed.
One week. That’s what we have before the crush of Comic-Con. Have I ever mentioned that I am a slob? I live in a circle of incomplete projects, day dreams, and unfinished thinking here in the computer room. No more. Not here. I have one week to banish it all into some form of organization that’s out of sight but not out of mind as our nephew Alex and his wife arrive for Comic-Con Thursday night.

So I will be here for brief fly-by’s. Probably not noting. Probably making very terse entries too.

I wanna…….

  • Get a good start on the WPA artists piece……beyond that one finished paragraph that I probably won’t use.

  • Finish the borders on the blocks, iron them, and put that quilt in a plastic bin till Comic-Con is done.

  • Make the skirt and remake that jacket or find another for the wedding.

  • While I am at it, take up one pair of dress pants and one pair of shorts. Darts are us.

  • Clear all surfaces, put away all the small tables, dust……oh, my, yes, dust, and get the sewing machine wheeled away into the bedroom.

  • Clear out enough of the closet so that they can hang their traveling stuff up. I’ll move into G’s for the duration.

So that’s it. That’s what’s happening here. If I were less of a slob, this would be easier. Perhaps I’ve put it all off to the last moment and just awoken to the crisis, but I don’t think so. AND, I need to find a picture of Rob, the other nephew and his wife, plus or minus their three kids, to put up with the family pictures. We have everybody else, but not them. I’ll dig deeper. There’s got to be one somewhere.

Then again, we get to see Frick and Frack (2005) in action again too. That’s always great stuff. Someone should tape them.

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  1. Sometimes having company is good becuase it makes us take a look around and clean organize an fret. Enjoy them.


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