July 30, 2008


OD Friends: Please keep several of our OD friends in your thoughts: Marion B, Dave Dog, and Thomas. Thank you.

G: Came home singing.

G’ette: Actually got the walk in and all the email answered. Today school, shopping, and dinner with Carrie by the bay.

Weather: The sun is supposed to come out today. Hot last night. I was miserable. Major emergency construction down the hill kept me awake on and off all night.

Menus: Eating up leftovers. It’s a good thing I like cheese.

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I worked on a page of mixed new and old poems this morning early after a toss and turn night. “Two decades of notes,” the subtitle. Brief notes of one man so many loved. He wasn’t handsome. Perhaps it was his focus. He appeared to really care. Or was it his vulnerability. Even today I meet women who say they were his lovers. I wasn’t. I had a crush but I couldn’t see past his facade at all. Often I jotted a line or two, sometimes angrily...then I too would get sucked in again.

I last saw him at Duck’s nursing home. He’d just admitted his mother. She’d been his nemesis for years. Yet here he was caring for her despite his dislike, standing in the hall, filling it with his presence. I hugged him. He wasn’t ready for that. I held G’s hand while I wished him well.

I passed you by
then saw you there
sitting in the sun
but still could not see you



His arm around me
for Connie’s camera
I longed for realness
but even Connie’s camera
is out of film.


He brought me
and said
I didn’t know
what you could eat
but you could press these
and keep them
forever I cried
lost between the pages of my mind.


waiting on the sand for somewhere else
the wind is whipping stone.


  1. The poems are nice. I miss the Duck stories. I think of him fondly.

  2. I like these poems, Mage! I don't know how to write them myself (though I try) but I sure know what I like! Is there anything you can't do?

  3. I love your poem. I particularly love that I can understand it. That doesn't always happen with me and poetry. Thank you for posting it.


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