July 20, 2008


Games and records from the Professor’s house.

Photographs and Photohosting: Please let me know if you see little red boxes instead of photographs. Thank you very much.

G: Two estate sales where he found goodies for his brother. Waxed the Toyota, played games, and relaxed. Good stuff that.

G’ette: I have to tell you that I love estate sales. This time, I found a house up the street I would love to buy. Needs an appalling amount of work tho, and I’m old. Daydreaming is ok too.

Weather: Sticky and foggy at the beach burning off after one.

Menus: Denny’s. Ah guilt: high salt, high fat, and flat out delish.
OKOK, here we are again loop de loop. We’ve finished our coffee and paper. TV news has flown by us. The morning procession has begun past my windows. Mom and a baby stroller. Grampa on his morning constitutional. Kids running from the High School. A lady in a pink baseball hat running up the hill…imagine, it’s a mile up. And I, I am the lump of the neighbor hood with both legs up and my fingers clicking. I long to be walking. Yes, the leg is looking better.

  • Yesterday, coffee and map in hand, the first estate sale was books everywhere in every room of a light and airy home high on the point. A retired history professor….specializing in presidents, I would guess. I dreamed all night of that house and its separate office and separate garage off a large patio…..of it’s mile of books, of it’s glass walls and open beamed ceilings. I’d love to live there. G dreamed of the kiddie records and board games he found. Oh, what fun they sound this morning. One even sounds exactly like Pete Seeger singing. My antenna whipped around when they heard that voice from the first note.

  • The second estate sale left me running away from a dark house, black rooms, dark red rooms, closets turned into bathrooms, jury rigged dreams, and filth. My flu irritated sinus hated that house, and I spent hours rinsing it when we got home.

  • Some Saturday goals got done. G got the Toyota washed and brought it home to wax it. While he rubbed wax on and off, I pounded the keys on the WPA stuff with a very cranky computer. It froze twice, leaving me in a panic that I would lose all I had been working on. I did lose chunks, but the computer is new enough to have a recovery system. It was a frustrating afternoon struggling with this thing, but I got all but a paragraph on the black muralists, one on Barse Miller, and my conclusion finished. Then I need to edit my thinking to four double spaces.

  • Family pictures are all up. We have had a terrible time finding reasonably current shots of Rob and his wife together. Oh, there’s lots of pictures of him with the kids, him with his computers, and her with the kids. But not together. We eventually found one. Hurrah.

  • Sunday goals: Me: Write here. Sew strips on blocks, hem skirt, finish rough of WPA stuff. Go to bed bath and beyond for wedding present. Progress. G: Touch up bathroom paint, Bed bath and beyond, meeting. I will worry about food and menus tomorrow.

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  1. I don't think I ever told you how much I love your new "postcards" format. It suits your posts to a T. I feel like I'm receiving and reading your postcards, sometimes a week's worth at a time. Fun!


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