August 12, 2008

Barns and Diets

Barn, Vernal Utah. 2008.

Himself: It was as if he had ADD yesterday. He had great problems staying awake and getting anything done. His reception photos were all fuzzy too. I didn’t feel so bad.

Herself: Got unpacked, cleaned out bedroom, did trip laundry, and grocery shopping. Played with barn and house photos on Photoshop all day. Struggled with dieing router.

Food: Mon: B’fast: Beets; Lunch, ½ cheese sand – olives- carrots – V8; Snack: Pepsi; Dinner, greek salad – small pork loin slice, diet coke, WW ice cream 1pt. Keeping food diary at WW Online.

Travels: Next trip to Northern California via the rail museum in Sacramento and home via San Francisco.

Duck: Duck’s Flickr album: easily accessible.
The whole focus of my life has changed. After I heard what G weighs……almost his football player weight, my resolve is set in stone. I can’t do anything about his girth, but I can about mine.

You will probably get bored with all the diet and exercise talk. I’ll try to keep it to a minimum…I don’t want to bore me either tho I will be out there.
Today was the first day back in the pool. Oh, it felt wonderful until I tried moving my hip. After that first frozen moment, I decided that it was going to move despite itself. At least I didn’t scream in public tho I crept off to the therapy pool and hung out in front of a hot jet longer than any one else after class.

We are dieting. I can’t do sweeteners tho I do drink one afternoon diet coke, so my morning veggies usually come with coffee that has a spoonful of sugar. Lunch will be simple and low to no fat. Usually I put a skim coat of fake mayo on my ½ sandwich at lunch. It’s awfully hard to eat an open faced sandwich if the fake cheese keeps falling off. Dinner yesterday had one tablespoon olive oil on the salad. Today the casserole will have one table spoon of olive oil in it also.

Later today I’m going to suggest G walk to his meeting from the house. It’s only a mile and is all downhill. I’ll drive down and pick him up. Sometimes all you can do is laugh at yourself as you hide your head and all your suggestions get rejected.

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  1. I'm not sure I want to spend any more of my life on a diet. Unless it is just a diet of good and balanced eating. Yet, walking, swimming, and moving is something I think we should all think about no matter what age. All the best to you and G. on your efforts.


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