August 27, 2008

Dinner Out

Rounding the turn. Sunday at the races. Race 3 on the grass. 2008.

Himself: Everything at work is gossipless. Silent.

Herself: Worked on the book again. I’m still having real trouble with the continual gloom and doom subject matter. How the heck do you make death entertaining? The friendship has to be the focus.

Food: We both did very good except that we both ate two little rolls at Pizza Nova with our salads.

OD Friends: Please keep OD friends Marion B, Dave Dog (who has let his walker go), and ThomaS in your thoughts. Thank you.
  • Dear Kay emailed today that she quit her school job of 17 years and can spend all day with us on the Skunk Train on the 22nd. “Long story,” she writes. Once I got over the shock of someone quitting a job with a school system, I realized how relieved she must feel. Relaxed.

  • We continue to chew on G’s job……like cud. He checked the internal job line and found that they were hiring senior management. For our city too. Masters and above with all sorts of qualifications he doesn’t have are required. “Oracle” for instance. Dogged perseverance doesn’t count.

  • Dinner out last night with two OD’ers. The company was charming, G talked well for a isolationist hermit, but “she” paid when we tried to reach for the bill first. Darn. Lovely saunter after dinner. “He” kept calling me Georgette. Made me laugh. We were pleased to introduce them to two of our favorite dining places. We also all four forgot our camera’s or I would have pictures for you. Or, maybe they would rather remain anonymous.

Festival of Sail:

The Curlew’s cockpit.

Left: “Curlew’s sail with the “American Pride” departing. Right: Small cannon on the deck of the “Curlew.”

The 81 foot Curlew, homeported in Long Beach California, was built in Wiscasset, Maine in 1926. She was an NNYC ocean racer until WWII when she was donated to the Navy for sail training. She continued to serve as a sail training ship until 1962 with the Coast Guard. On her first charter voyage, she was hit by a massive low pressure system that killed 144 people. After a succession of owners and rebuilds, she now works charters out of Long Beach.

Pilgrim’s stern

Left: Pilgrim’s wheel with the HMS Bounty to the left and the Curlew to the right. Right: Pilgrim’s mast and lines.

The 130 foot Pilgrim is a full sized replica of the 1825 hide brig immortalized in Two years before the Mast. Built in 1945, she was rebuilt in Lisbon to her current rig. She now is the Ocean Institute’s “platform for its living history program based on Richard Henry Dana’s famous voyage.”



Richard Henry Dana

Toshiba Tall Ship Festival: Great Picture of the Pilgrim under sail

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  1. It would interest me why Kay decided to leave the position. Was it something particular to the school she was working at, or is the conditions and treatment of teachers in general?


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