August 23, 2008

Down to the Bay

Star of India. Pulleys and lines, 2007.

Himself: Noted that his company has opened two new offices, one in Beijing and another in Mexico City just as they begin laying off here.

Herself: Swam. Worked at Cancer Society Thrift Store, fixed dinner. It was a small but good day. On the weekly Norton thing, a virus was discovered. A hard to get rid of virus. Gone now.....but I now have to restart everything. Let's hope it stays gone.

Food: Baked potatoes with homemade salsa gringo…..another words, I didn’t get enough hot peppers in the salsa.

OD Friends: Please keep OD friends Marion B, Dave Dog, and ThomaS in your thoughts. Thank you.
There’s never enough sleep to be had during the Olympics. I’ve given up. It’s the first year ever that I haven’t watched every detail of the Olympics I could find. Instead, I’m going to bed when I find myself dozing off. I wake to find that everyone is discussing this dive, that run, or a gold medal category I didn’t know exist. I’m even letting the talking heads and sound bytes pass me by.

I often find life is like this. I have to give up “A” if I want to add “B” into my days. There seems to be only so much me to go around. Since I grabbed a giant spoon and stirred everything up, some of life has moved beyond me.

I dreamed of Marion B last night. “I’ll see you in my inbox,” I said to her in real life.

“I don’t think so,” she replied.

“Even a one liner?” I asked.

“The book is so close to being done,” she said holding up two fingers held very close together.

I didn’t capitulate easily, and so now I dream of her. There she sat two people down from me at one of those long banquet tables. Her make up on was on….I remember the red lipstick with some surprise. She was dignity in a lovely dark dress, and adorned with pearls. Two rounded happy companions sat just a little off to her side. She handed my dinner mate an open, used, zip lock bag.

Isn’t it amazing how ones brain can twist things into the supernatural.

So today, I’ll put my compression stockings on, wear long pants to cover these frailties, and get myself off to see the twenty sailing ships that adorn our embarcadero. Maybe I will have fresh, dew on the wood, ship pictures to share with you later today.

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