August 1, 2008

Ducky Moments

Left to Right: Duck in Whitewater, Duck 1970’s, Duck in 1986 at our house, Duck in Yosemite which he loved, and duck – Halloween of 2007.

OD Friends: Please keep several of our OD friends in your thoughts: Marion B whose floors should be in at last, Dave Dogwho is home at last, and Thomas who is now playing with his oysters. Thank you.

G: Wore one of his very funny new Comic-Con shirts to work this relaxed Friday.

G’ette: Write, figure out how to shower while wearing compression stockings, and off to volunteer at the Cancer Society store. Dinner with Pete tonight who just passed the first of his triennial oncology visits with flying colors.

Weather: “Do you want to risk West Nile Virus,” I asked last night in our airless bedroom. We opened the screen door and a little air crept in to lull me into my nightmares.

Menus: Costco pizza and ice cream. Did I say I wondered why I was getting fat? Dinner: Brian’s American Eatery. More high fat, high salt, high carbs….and oh, aren’t they loverly.

History:One of Duck’s favorite places was Yosemite National Park: History and Culture. He always made it up there once a year. I must confess that I’ve never been there.
There were two real snail mail posts to greet me yesterday evening. One was from my old friend Kay…she must be cleaning house again for there was a picture of the kids with their pop on a long ago visit.

The other was from a childhood friend of Ducks.

“I just found the letter you mailed,” she wrote. Was that six months or the one a year ago, I thought. “Thanks for keeping me in the loop, and I will write him today.”

She must not have read the letter.

G emailed her back…….we thanked her for including her email address, told her that he had lived a comfortable last year in a nursing home, and that he had died after three days of quietly fading away.

“I’ll send her a link to the Duck album.”

Then it struck both of us. We had taken the Duck album down when Snapfish was burping so badly.

I spent an hour or so recreating the album and sent her a link. I thought you too might like to see Duck’s smiling face again.

Duck walking home from lunch at Nordies in Horton Plaza. He loved to eat lunch there.


  1. Must have been a moment of confusion and sadness to be taken out of the present and transported back into the past; to the time when Duck lived.

  2. My husband was told by his doctor that he had to change his shower habits. He is supposed to shower the last thing at night. But he needs me to help him shower now and I can't stay up that late.
    I think it would work in theory as the legs are already swollen at the end of the day. He is supposed to get the support hose on before getting out of bed. So guess who gets to do that too. (grin) aenodia


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